Established 1976


With all the red weather warnings and severe rain forecasted we were looking forward to traffic free roads for our run to The West Country, and so it was. Myself & Al (TR4A), Action man, Tizzy, Sparky and The Hammer (Spit MKII), Rob & Pete (13/60 Shooting Brake), Young Eddie & Mo (13/60 Saloon) and Mike The Cake & Emma (Spit MKIV) left Cardiff Gate in the pouring rain and arrived after an exhilarating run at Magor Services where Monmouth Mafia John & Mike (Acclaim) & Paul & Barb G (TR6) were waiting for us. We then set off towards our next stop at Sedgemore Services enjoying a virtually traffic free M4 & M5. Mike The Cake was getting an ear bashing from Emma as the passenger foot well was full of water and was threatening to spill over the top of her boots, so armed with a Phillips screwdriver and using his jack as a hammer Mike punched a series of holes into his pattern part foot well that had no grommet holes, problem solved, one happy Emma (you don’t want to upset her believe me). With this done our small convoy made its way back onto the M5 but after a few hundred yards Rob & Pete signalled to pull over, their Shooting Brake was losing power possibly due to fuel starvation which was solved with a few taps on the carb float bowl. Action man also reported that his clutch pressure plate had disintegrated, but he had a spare one which he was hoping to be able to fit as we cruised along the M5 to junction 25 at the speed restriction in place due to the weather of 50 mph. Action man took pole position so that if he had trouble aligning the gearbox input shaft we would all know and be able to pull in behind him, but after a few miles he gave me the “thumbs up” and I knew that he had finished the job. FANTASTIC! Al then had a worrying thought “with Action man leading we’re going to end up in bloody Lubenham”! He was of course correct, so we cruised past him in my TR to ensure that we arrived at Thornfalcon.

At Thornfalcon we were marshalled into a prime position and as our AO sacrificed a few frozen smart price chickens (there were not enough to sacrifice the day before as our Area frozen chicken stocks are reserved for the runs for next weekend and August bank holiday weather is extremely hard to influence) Rob started to assemble the cooker, confident that the rain would stop by the time it was ready, it was! FANTASTIC!
We then spent the next 6 hours either relaxing in the sun, looking at the other cars that had made it, eating cut price “Barry the Baker” pastries and the ½ price Hog Roast and generally having a good time and the Monmouth Mafia were happy with the days “takings” FANTASTIC! The show organisers came over to give a special thank you to us for coming over from Wales, they also mentioned “that what our area lacks in frozen chicken reserves is more than made up for by the resolve of the members to attended shows!” FANTASTIC!
At about 3:30pm most people were either packed up ready to go or were already making their way to the exits so we packed up the cooker and with all soft (and Surrey) tops down we made our way out of the field. Mike The Cake and Emma were to catch up with us on the M5 as they had gone for a Scottish meal, but only a few miles along the motorway we hit heavy traffic and Paul G, Barb, Myself & Al pulled off at Nailsea to wait for the others as they had called to say that Rob & Pete’s Shooting brake was acting up and they had pulled into the services, while we were waiting Mike & Emma’s Spitfire passed under the bridge that we were waiting on, so after a few calls it was decided that Mike should continue on home (we would come across him if he broke down) and that the two TR’s would continue to Gordano Services and wait for the rest.
We all regrouped at Gordano then made our way along the M5 and onto the M4 to cross the Severn Bridge then just after the tolls Rob indicated that he had to pull over again, but with another few “taps” on the float bowl the Shooting Brake was up and running and we covered the last leg of the journey without incident.
Another great day out with a great bunch of people, all willing to help each other out in times of need. FANTASTIC!

Report by Bernard Littlewood, TSSC