Following a number of problems which reared their ugly heads at the
previous show, it was decided between the Studt’s and our committee that
this year the show should revert to a classic event, more like the earlier
ones. Everyone was a little apprehensive as to the numbers we might get
entering. Many classic owners had stayed away because of the number of
modified vehicles which had built up over the last few events but would
they return? “We have to give it a go at sometime,” thus we decided to
have a cut-off date of 1988 for this year’s show which would see more
classic cars we hoped. Would it work? We held our breath.
As last year, Adrian was handling the entries and this year spent some time
contacting a large number of classic clubs to explain our decision and
sound out their reactions. Amazingly the general response was very
favourable and many promised they would now return and support the new
format show. Not that all received the news with as much enthusiasm. We
had a lot of negative reaction from a large number of the modified brigade,
including one pretending to be a club member on our Facebook page and
being abusive to correspondents in our name. Despite the hopes by many
that we would have a disastrous show and come to regret our decision, we
carried on with the restricted entry form and crossed fingers. Fortunately
the entries started to come in, with many from classic clubs we had not
heard from in a long time. Perhaps it might not be so bad after all.
Sunday’s set-up day was well supported as usual despite an iffy forecast
and after a bit of thought on the final layout, we were soon tearing into the
marking out of our ‘new’ more compact show area and in next to no time
we were looking like everything was in place and we knew what we were
doing! What had we forgotten? Surely it went too well?
The only fly in the ointment, was a dubious weather forecast for the bank
holiday Monday. We could be a bit on the damp side. As always, we have
good weather up until a bank holiday, then it decides to change and not for
the better for the bank holiday. Fingers severely crossed for tomorrow and
hope the forecasters were wide of the mark and we would miss the
precipitation and bask in sunlight.

Getting up at an un-godly hour on Monday, a quick look out of the window
only proved the forecasters right. It was raining! Not torrential, but enough
to put a lot of people off. Tempting as it was to go back to bed, we set off
for Singleton, heater and wipers on. We arrived at six am to find Patrick
Pattison had already opened up the unit and was preparing for whatever
day it would be, we did discuss the possibility of being home sooner than
anticipated if the rain continued. Putting up the parking and autojumble
signs with a trickle of water down the back of your neck, does tend to
make you wonder why you do these things, after all, sensible people were
still in bed in the warm and the dry.
With people arriving and looking for their places, the weather became
secondary as we were busy directing traffic and people to their correct
parking areas. It took some time to actually register that the rain was
getting lighter and had almost stopped. Perhaps we would have a show
after all. Considering the number of classic owners who have a real
aversion to getting their vehicles wet, it was heartening to see so many
classics arriving despite the conditions they must have travelled through. It
was as if they had decided to support the show come what may and we are
grateful that they did.
As we finished off the last of the signs, so the rain decided to call it a day,
which with our new layout, meant we shouldn’t have any problems with
vehicles getting stuck in mud. Dare I say it, it looked like the day was
brightening up and it did!

Has it stopped raining yet?

The Evening Post shoots the kitchen crew.

We had a lot of attention from the Evening Post photographer who
obviously liked our new position in the park and our large display of cars.

Does it have a roof Mister?

Of course it’s real. It’s got an engine!

SHVR Corner. We filled our space

 An unmolested 1936 Vauxhall DX.

Members cars stretch towards the beach

 Lots of interest from classic owners.

This year we had a lot of congratulations from private individuals and from
rival clubs. It makes a big change from the complaints of last year. We
have definitely made the right decision to change the format of the show
back to classic vehicles.
A big thank you to all of you, members and friends, that helped out and
made this year’s show such a success. Thank you.