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This year’s Summer Rally got off to a shaky start at the beginning. For
one reason or another we all had problems which kept us from organising
things early on. Luckily we have a good bunch of people in the club and
some new faces stepped in to sort out some problem areas.
Adrian, Daniel and Neil took on the routes for the two road runs and
Kevin and Dennis took on responsibility for the goodie bags which we
give out to the weekend entrants. Many thanks to all of them for their
help and hard work, which made the weekend another success for the
Our informal activities got underway on the Thursday evening with a trip
to the Pontardawe Inn for the Irish visitors to pay their respects to Ted
Purcell in his local hostelry. Ted had been on every trip to Kinsale bar
one and the Kinsale club wanted to see his local and have a drink to him.
The weekend starts with a visit to a certain well known automotive
collection, second to none in every respect. Normally blessed with good
weather, this year was promising to be the exception. Although the heavy
rain did hold off long enough for everyone to enjoy the early evening. A
large number of us rounded the evening off with a curry before heading
home and preparing for the first carshow/road run.

SHVR Leprechauns out in force.                                Rooster Robbins talking to Lynn.

Following on from our damp Friday, things couldn’t have been more
different on the Saturday. The sun was shining; it was nice and warm,
was this summer after all?

This year Day’s had cleared the area in front of the newly finished car
showroom, in a change from using the truck centre building. We were
able to get the rally entered cars into the one area as a group. The other
clubs which were not on the runs had a large area outside the compound
alongside the road. A much better layout from a club point of view.

Lots of room to spare. Not anymore,                                   The forecourt was full.

The Saturday run, the first of the runs put together by Adrian and Daniel,
was a gentle run through the Swansea and Carmarthenshire countryside
to a coffee halt at the National Botanical Gardens. They had arranged for
the cars to be allowed into the main square right in front of the visitor
centre as a classic car show for the visiting public.

National Botanical garden centre                                            . The goodie-bag crew on strike!

We had been given extra bags and goodies by some of Day’s contacts.
These were given out as a surprise extra to those on the run after hastily
making up the small carrier bags. A nice little plus-point for all, thanks to
Dennis’s hard work.

From Llanarthne it was home via Ffairfach, Carreg Cennen and back to
the finish at the tower Hotel. A good run and a good effort by our new
road-run team. Well done.
The Saturday evening entertainment was held at the Dunvant clubhouse.
We had arranged to have the annual bar-b-q on the Saturday this time to
accommodate members and the rally. The entertainment was supplied by
the Twmpath man and his Celtic dance routine. Mind you the way he was
dressed, he could have passed himself off as a Leprechaun. Initially the
diners were a little shy in showing their fancy footwork, but with a bit of
cajoling from Twmpath the brave ones took to the floor. It does help if
you know your left from your right when dancing. A point that escaped
our budding artistes.

Twmpath explains all to the brave.                     It all goes instantly to pot.

Sunday was a different kettle of fish, as they say. Mother Nature had a
moody on and was determined we wouldn’t have two days of summer in
a row. I have to say though, this is the first wet summer rally run that I
can remember. Although I know we only recall good times easily.
The format was the same as last year, with the start being at Swansea
Mercedes. A really friendly company and the staff make you feel right at
home, despite us seriously interrupting their day until we leave on the
run. Being a wet morning, everyone stayed in the showroom, enjoying
the nibbles and drinks provided. We must have eaten them out of house
and home this year.
Time to leave! Gathering everyone together, we headed off on the day 2
run. Up the valley towards Pontardawe and on towards the Black Mountains.

Unfortunately for those who haven’t used these roads. The
wonderful views normally enjoyed were hidden by the rain and low
cloud. Adrian had been thoughtful enough to place direction arrows at
crucial points on the route. He was also conscientious enough to retrieve
them as he closed the route. Unfortunately for Sally and I, we had
stopped to assist with a breakdown and were now utterly last, and missed
them all. I gather they did look nice and were helpful, but I have to take
the word of others on that…
The finish venue was at the Dan-yr-Ogof show caves. Nice venue, shame
about the weather. It didn’t encourage anyone to walk about very far.
Sally and I joined a good crowd of members and guests in the restaurant
for lunch before making our soggy way home to dry out and let Gromit
stretch her poor legs running around the house instead of being cooped
up in the MG.
Again a good route and well laid out. Everyone made it without getting
lost. Well done to the Jones family.

Soggy Sunday. It got worse! Bernard’s candle at full throttle.

The weekend came to a close at the Tower Hotel with a hot buffet and
the various awards were given out to the unwary and those deserving of
note. Talking of which. Bernard was presented with a small birthday
cake from the Irish in advance of his 80th celebration as they wouldn’t be
here. The candle on the cake spluttered into life and then resembled a
Titan rocket booster at full throttle. There wasn’t much chance of
blowing that one out, no matter how much puff he had
A good end to a good weekend. Thank you to all those members who
helped out and made it all possible.


We will again be holding our Annual Summer Rally on the 25th and 26th
July this year and a brief agenda is outlined below as to what is planned.
Saturday 26th
09.30am to 12.30pm - Meet at CEM Days, Beaufort Road, Plasmarl,
Swansea SA6 8HR for a car show in the Motor Park. Registration will
take place in the showroom building and refreshments for those entering
the rally will be available before departing at 12.30pm for a scenic run
through the beautiful welsh countryside, finishing the day’s run at the
Towers Hotel. The first day will conclude with a club Bar-B-Que at the
Dunvant Rugby Club.
Sunday 27th
10.00am to 12.00am - Meet at Swansea Mercedes, Langdon Road,
SA1 8QY, for coffee, before departing for another scenic run through the
Black Mountains, with a coffee stop en-route. We will be able to visit the
Red Kite feeding site, and the show caves and Dinosaur Park at Dan-yr-
Ogof before heading back to Swansea. There will be an evening buffet
for those who would like to join in the evening celebrations at the
Towers Hotel.
7.30pm for 8.0pm at the Towers Hotel, Jersey Marine for an evening doo
of 'fun' with a buffet and a natter. The buffet will be available for £7.50
each, which must be booked in advance.
*It promises to be an enjoyable weekend of road runs, sights, beverages,
food and fun. If you wish to take part in the weekend, whether
completely or perhaps only part of the events, then please complete the
enclosed application form and return it as soon as possible to assist with
catering arrangements.