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PUB  RUNS 2017

Meet Pont Abraham 6.45 pm

August 30th

September 27th

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Tafarn Morlais Llangennech
Chris and Alanís Pub runs are getting more and more popular lately. It
must be a combination of good runs, good food and witty company. Well,
maybe not witty but good company nevertheless.
Once more we had a good turnout at the Pont Abraham start point, despite
somewhat iffy weather lurking around. It did not seem to daunt our
members and soon Chris was on the mobile to the venue to ask them to add
more places for us. Luckily they were very accommodating as we were all
hungry and looking forward to choosing our meals.
With no time to spare, we were all ushered into our cars and told to get on
with it as the kitchen stopped preparing meals early evening and Chris
knows how difficult it can be to interrupt our members from talking and
getting them on their way.
With that instruction we set off at a reasonable pace off towards
Crosshands and on towards Drefach and Bancffosfelen. From there we
turned towards Kidwelly and the coast road back towards Swansea, before
turning towards Bynea and through to the finish in Llangennech.
Our hostelry for the evening was the Tafarn Morlais, which from memory,
was a fist visit here from the club on a pub run. We all filed into the roomy
carpark and got into the restaurant in time to catch the kitchen deadline for
orders. They had reserved a large area for us, which meant we were all
seated close together, with one large table and two satellite tables nearby
making sure no one was left out.
The staff were really friendly and the kitchen staff were on top of their
game, as none of us had to wait too long for their food. Judging by the
empty plates at the end, no one had had a bad meal. Some braved the
dessert menu, some were too full to risk it, but a good time was had by all
and in true SHVR tradition, we were the last to leave.
It had been a pleasant route using roads some of had not seen before, with
scenic views and good roads. Once again Chris and Alan had put together
another good evening drive and a good social end to the route. Thank you
both for the time and effort put in on our behalf.


We had a good turnout at the Pont Abraham services for our latest pub run.
It must have been the pleasant Wednesday weather, although we were
missing a number of regular attendees we did have a couple of other
members to make up the numbers.
After waiting to see who would lead off out of the carpark, Sally and I
gave in and headed off in the lead. It is amazing how quick all the parked
cars sprang into life and formed a disorderly queue on our tail.
As has become the norm lately, tonightís run kept to main roads in
deference to the dislike of older cars and their owners using narrow roads
used in the past. Heading up the hill towards Ammanford, we turned left
before the square and cut around past Tesco and out onto the main road
again, missing a section of road obstacles laid by the Council. Along the
main road towards Gwaun-cae-Gerwen, where we turned up towards
However, this time we were not turning up on to the mountain road, we
were heading towards Ystalyfera through Rhosaman, Cefn-Bryn-Brain,
Cwmllynfell, Ystradowen and Cwmtwrch to the main A40 road. From here
it was left towards Brecon through Abercraf and Ynyswen to Pen-y-Cae
village and our destination for the evening, the Pen-y-Cae Inn.
Christine had been informed by the owners that we needed to be there at
eight pm, which meant a reasonable pace along the way as it is quite
difficult to get our lot to stop talking and get on with the driving once they
all meet up!
Despite our arrival time warning and the fact that we all chose our menu
choices fairly quickly as soon as we were seated, the restaurant was so
busy they took an hour to get all the meals ready for us. It did at least give
the diners time for a good chinwag. Some of the wives even drew breath
during the conversations!!
Thanks once again to Chris and Alan for their efforts in organising another
good night out and an enjoyable drive on the way.


Waun Wyllt Inn. Horeb,Llanelli
April Showers as the old saying goes, but not tonight. Is Mother Nature
mellowing with age? Here we are with pleasant weather as we all gathered
at the traditional venue Pont Abraham services for the latest evening pub
run. Unfortunately we were down on numbers this time as commitments
clashed with a few members, but we still had a good number of diners to
keep the hostelry happy.
Th route took us back towards Pontarddulais before turning right following
the sign to Llannon and on to Pontyberem on the A476. Remembering to
fork left at the old toll house we headed up over the top road to
Pontyberem before turning left to Pontyates and on to the Horeb road and
our destination at the Waun Wyllt Inn. We were met in the carpark by Paul
and Ryan in their respective Morganís; living nearby it was easier to go
straight to the venue. Is it a brace of Morganís or a brace of Moggai?
All had gone well with the route and the initial starters and everyone had
been accommodated on one long table, keeping everyone together in a
single gossiping group. Unfortunately things unravelled a bit when the
main courses arrived; as the meals were delivered to each member it
became apparent that we were two meals short. Gordon and Wendy had
been left off the kitchen order. The matter wasnít helped by the fact that
the staff took some time to check with us that everything was ok with the
meals. Consequently poor Gordon & Wendy didnít get their main courses.
At least the staff member responsible for the error had the courage to come
and apologise and offer to put things right although it would have taken
time to cook the food from scratch. An unsatisfactory end to a pleasant
evening unfortunately, but the company was good and the route had been a
pleasant eveningís drive. Once again many thanks to Chris and Alan for

planning the route and booking the venue.



A brace of Moggai spotted in the grounds of the Waun Wyllt.








The Llwyndafydd Inn &
A new month and a new venue in store for the March lunch run. We met at
Pont Abraham as usual, except that this time, there were good number of
cars with their tops folded down. Could this be the start of a long and hot
summer? More pleaseÖ
Our new destination was to be another distance run, but on a sunny Sunday
afternoon with the top down, and good friends, whatís not to like.
We had a good turnout of members for the run, with 9 cars lined up in the
carpark full of hungry diners. These lunch runs are getting more popular
judging by the numbers that turn up at the services now.
Our route took us along the main roads to Carmarthen before turning off
towards Newcastle Emlyn. A good and picturesque run in the sun and with
the top down, it was a very pleasant way to travel. We do live in a beautiful
part of the world, despite enjoying a goodly amount of rain at the most
inopportune moments.
Our route took us onto the A484 and on towards The Llwyndafydd Inn &
Monroeís a small Inn and restaurant run by a chap who used to be on the
West End Stage and is quite a character. They hold Ďshowí evenings
throughout the summer, which are quite entertaining according to some
members who have been to one.
Our Sunday carvery lunch was very well prepared, the meat melting in
your mouth. All in all a good day out, and a good meal at the finish where
we were all accommodated on one table.
Christine Broughton is organising a run to the show evening on June the
24th, a Saturday. If you are interested in going, please contact Christine.



Gogerddan Arms in Glaneirw, near Tanygroes. Nr Aberporth

I suppose it is a bit of a cheek to expect hot sunny weather in February
really, but no harm in asking is there? No, was the stern answer from
Mother Nature. You will have wind and rain and lump it!
Despite the less than pleasant environment, we had quite a good turnout of
16 hungry members for the Pont Abraham services start. As usual our
route planning duo of Chris and Alan Broughton arrived bearing route
sheets and for today menus, for diners to choose their meal choices ahead
of the run to aid the hostelry in their catering for our arrival.
The route was going to be a direct run along main roads in view of the
mileage. It would be a longer run than normal but that is part of the fun. It
was a day out after all.
We headed off in the direction of Carmarthen along the A48 in a soggy
convoy, David and Gay acting as pathfinders, they knew where we were
going, which was nice for Bill on his own and the navigators in each car
who could now look out at all the scenery without the need to concentrate
on roads and distances. The route was lovely and scenic from Carmarthen
to Newcastle Emlyn, via the Hermon road, or so we were told. The weather
decided that most of it would be hidden and imaginations would have to be
used instead. A pity because it is a picturesque route, honest!
In spite of the weatherís best attempts, we enjoyed the run and arrived at
the Gogerddan Arms in Glaneirw, near Tanygroes. The staff were waiting
for us to arrive and had organised two long tables to allow us all to sit
together in the main restaurant area.
The meal choices were quickly brought to the table along with a good
supply of vegetables and gravy, keeping all the diners happy. Another
good Sunday out, with good friends and good food to round the day out.
Once again many thanks to Chris and Alan, for organising a good run and
a good venue at the finish. If you havenít tried one of the club pub runs, all
I can say is that you are missing out on your club membership! Try one
and I am sure you will want to enjoy another one



 White Hart Llandeio


January, a winter month, normally associated with cold and wet miserable
weather. The right time for a lunch run? You bet! Time to blow off the
cobwebs, have a run in the car and a nice lunch chatting with friends.
SHVR members are made of different material to normal people (you can
say that again!!) and a bit of inclement weather doesnít stop them enjoying
themselves. Well not normally anyway.
Despite the wet weather twelve of us turned up at the services ready for a
road run and a good lunch with friends. Chris and Alan freshly returned
from their lengthy adventure down under, had organised a route and a
venue once more. It is amazing how the menfolk stand in the rain talking
quite happily, whereas the sensible wives all fit into one of the parked cars
for a dry chat. There must be a lesson in there somewhere.
At least the weather encouraged everyone to get underway as opposed to
being chivvied along by Chris to stop talking and get on with it!
A reasonably direct route took us from the services up towards Tycroes
before turning left towards Gorslas and the picturesque mountain road to
Maesybont and the Nantgaredig road. We turned right towards Dryslwyn
Castle and on the A40 to take us to our lunch halt at the White Hart in
Llandeilo. Thanks to our slightly hurried departure from the services, we
arrived at the restaurant earlier than had been anticipated and had to wait to
be let in to the dining room. At least there wasnít a queue at the bar!
As on previous occasions and despite a change of owners, the service was
pretty good and the carvery lunch was accompanied by loads of vegetables
compared to other restaurants we have been to. Although I think we caught
out the younger members of staff with our rowdy rabble all gathered in one
Despite the weathers best efforts at damping our enthusiasm, a good time
and a good lunch was had by all. Once again, many thanks to Chris and
Alan for their efforts on our behalf. All the more in view of their recent
return from a traumatic holiday on the other side of the world a short time
ago. Where next??

The club pub runs are getting more popular by the month. With a good
crowd gathered at the Pont Abraham service car park.
Chris and Alan had brought along the menus to pre-book the meals for
the pub and much discussion was had as to what delicacy was going to
on peopleís choices.
Tonightís route was a bit longer than normal, so Chris had to chivvy
members along to stop them chatting instead of choosing. Eventually the
list was complete and we could set off. That is, after someone gave in
and took the lead. The starts these days have developed into a game of
brinkmanship, the first one to blink leads!
It was a lovely evening for a drive and the views from up on the
mountain roads were superb. We really do live in a beautiful part of the
country with our choice of coastal or mountain scenery and all within a
short distance of home.
We followed the route until, with time getting on, we reached Clydach
square. Pulling alongside our pathfinders Adrian and Georgina, a quick
conflab and it was decided that with the probable arrival time being quiet
late, we had better abandon the route and head straight up the main road
to save time.
With our convoy behind us both, we joined the main road and put our
collective foot down. As it was we were still quite late when we reached
our finish at the Abercraf Inn. Despite the delayed arrival, the staff
showed us to our tables reserved in the main dining room where as many
as could be, were placed together on one long table with a couple of
other tables for the overspill diners.
With such a large crowd turning up late, you could have forgiven the
staff for getting things wrong or being a bit surly, but there was quick
and pleasant service for all and even desserts for those with room to
spare. Another good night out with friends and a good meal at the end of
the run. Thanks once again to Chris and Alan for their efforts on our
behalf. Join in you wonít be disappointed.


Another good crowd gathered at the services for the run, organised as
always by Chris and Alan, on a reasonably good evening.
Our menu choices made and route cards handed out, everyone sat in their
cars waiting to see who would go first this time. As it happened David
and Gay were the hungriest of us and set off across the car park towards
the exit, closely followed by the rest of us.
We headed off towards Ammanford along the A483, where we turned
right in the square towards Neath/Glanamman and on towards Gwauncae-
Gurwen before turning up towards Brynamman and the road over the
Although the weather was not sunny, the visibility was good enough to
have a good view as we headed over the mountain road and on towards
Llangadog. Gordon and Wendy enjoyed the run over the mountain so
much, they were determined to do the route again and have a good look
at the scenery without the need to complete the run and get to the pub on
Tonightís venue was the Goose and Cuckoo in Llangadog. A friendly
village pub with good food and helpful staff. They had laid out two long
tables to accommodate us all in the main bar so that we were all together.
The food when it was served was accompanied by lots of vegetables and
chips for those who wanted them. Most restaurants give you just enough
vegetables so everyone gets a taste. This one kept bringing more and
more of everything to the tables, to the point of surrender by the diners,
although a small number of them had a dessert to finish after all. We
canít name them for legal reasons but they were the ones walking slowly
back to the cars at the end of the evening.
It was another pleasant evening spent with friends after a pleasant drive
through our wonderful countryside. We are very lucky to live near to
such picturesque scenery.
Thanks to Chris and Alan once again for their time and effort in giving us
another good night out.


Goose and Cuckoo in Llangadog


Last Wednesday of the month means another of the clubís evening runs. Meeting at the normal Pont Abraham services this month saw a really good crowd turn up. I told you they were popular, you didnít believe me! We had Brian Selby turn up in his recently restored Bedford van to give it a run, and Brian Mepham brought out his recently purchased Rover 100 saloon, both vehicles looking immaculate.



Also joining us were Mike and Christine Palmer for the first time in a long while. Welcome back!


Brianís Bedford looks better than new.

 Proud owner with Ďnewí Rover

Once Chris Broughton could get everyone to concentrate and give her an idea of what they wanted to eat, she was able to phone through the list and set us on our way.
We were retracing a route used some time ago but it is amazing how you forget having been down a road before, so much so that it feels like the first time. Our route took us through Tycroes, past the Mountain Gate and around the rear of Llanarthne and on to Llanon and the Waun Wyllt Inn, our destination for the evening.
All went well with the food until a large crashing sound from the kitchen heralded the demise of a lot of crockery. We didnít mind, the food was good as was the company. Another good night out thanks to Chris and Alan once again. Join us for

the next run, you will enjoy


Horeb Road, Five Roads, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire SA15 5AQ


April, the month of showers and other forms of wet weather. Fortunately for us the evening was very pleasant, bright even. Where would we be going tonight I wondered?
We had another good turnout considering a couple of regulars were unable to attend this monthís outing.

A sunny evening, just right for a run

 A Yamaha trials bike out in the sun.

Chris and Alan arrived and handed out the routes and a menu as well, time to choose the meal that would await you at The Plough Inn  Felingwm Uchaf, Nantgaredig. It's on the Brechfa Road was our venue for the evening.


The Plough Inn  Felingwm Uchaf, Nantgaredig..

The route took us from the services, up over the Pen-y-Groes route and on over the hills to Maesybont and the A40 which we crossed straight over toward Llanfynydd. A nice quiet stretch of road which is generally devoid of oncoming traffic in the evenings allowing you to enjoy the scenery for a change.
We turned towards Abergorlech and on into Brechfa where we noted the pub which had been closed for some time, was now refurbished and open for business. It used to be a regular stop-off on rallies in the past, where there would be a control point. A short run led us down to the Plough Inn where our pre-ordered meals were awaiting our arrival. The landlord had arranged the tables into a large square with everyone able to see and talk to everyone else. A nice idea as no-one was left out of the evening.
Thanks once again to Chris and Alan for a good night out with friends.



The March lunch run seemed to strike a chord with more of our members
as the assembled diners added up to a healthy number of participants
waiting the off at the Pont Abraham starting point.
Where would we all go today we wondered? It must be getting more and
more difficult for our duo of organisers to come up with new venues all
the time, but that is just what Chris and Alan did once again.

Guess who? The navigators confer.                          Dave -the spy- Evansís film unit.

Chris tries to get some control.                        Gentlemen start your engines.

We all set off back towards Pontarddulais and on in the direction of
Gorseinon, where we turned left towards Loughor and the coast road to
Llanelli which would take us on to the next part of the route. On the way
through the town we were meant to turn right towards Pontyates and not
to continue on the main road to Pembrey and Kidwelly. Because a route
is meant to take a certain direction, it doesnít mean that it will necessarily
happen, and in this case it didnít.
Just like all good convoys, we followed the leader in a dutiful line, too
busy talking or sightseeing and not concentrating on the instructions or
the route. Sheep spring readily to mind!
You guessed it, we all missed the turning! Worse still, when our Ďleaderí
pulled over to discuss the mismatched route, a following car whose
driver will remain nameless, overtook him and shot off up the road.
Needless to say, we all followed yet again in true herd fashion. Luckily
for all, when we did all stop to discuss the lack of direction, Chris and
Alan caught up with us and gave her the opportunity to regain control of
her flock and turned us all around again to pick up a corrected route and
lead the rabble to the intended destination by a different but scenic route.
The good food and hospitable staff at the Smiths Arms more than made
up for the unintended diversion, but it was a nice day for a run after all
and everyone enjoyed the extra little tour and the well cooked meal at the
end. What their other diners thought of our lot, I shudder to think but we
did fill a dining room for the owner and entertainment for the other
Thanks once again to our routemasters for their efforts and for providing
another good day out for us all to enjoy.

The February lunch run was blessed with some very pleasant weather.
Cold but bright and dry. Perfect for a day out with the top down and blow
out the cobwebs, although one passenger was seen to be holding a hot
water bottle under her travel rug!
We had a good turnout of members, along with a new member who
joined us and brought his father along for the run.

Lord Radford joined us for lunch.

We left the services and headed back towards Fforest before turning right
in the direction of Llannon and Pontyberem, enjoying the sunshine as we
went. Taking the left fork towards Pontyberem at the old Toll House we
drove over the top towards Pontyates and on towards Carway and on
towards the Ffos Las racecourse. From there it was on towards the
Kidwelly road before turning left at the Butchers Arms, now an Indian
restaurant, heading towards Burry Port and the road towards the Harbour
and our venue for lunch, the Ashburnham Hotel. Where we all enjoyed a
carvery lunch which was well presented and not the average dried out
offering that some pass off loosely as a roast lunch.
Another pleasant route laid on by Chris and Alan for us to enjoy with
good food and pleasant company at the end.
Many thanks to Chris and Alan for their efforts in putting everything
together for another pleasant day out.


The Ashburnham Hotel


The first monthly lunch run of the New Year resulted in a good turnout
for a January day at the Pont Abraham services. Those present took the
opportunity to have a good old natter amongst themselves in the carpark
before being encouraged to get going by Christine, Iím in charge,
Broughton. Our members do like a large chinwag to start their day!
Todayís route was a reasonably short on, which was just as well for our
Treasurer Patrick, he had been called back to the shop with an electrical
problem to sort out. Once sorted Patrick met us on route and rescued
Jeanette from the back of our car.
The route took us back towards Pontlliw, before turning towards Felindre
and on in the direction of the reservoir and Rhydypandy. At the Masonís
Arms we turned toward Craig Cefn Parc and on through the village. The
righthand turn at the main road is a real hairpin turn right. Fine if you
possess power-steering. Not so fine if you are without it or you have a
reasonably long vehicle. Many bites of the cherry were needed by some
members before they were pointing in the right direction.
Following the road down to Clydach Square, we went straight on towards
our goal, the Manor Park where our lunch awaited. Jeff and Sandra,
Michael and Mary met us there where we all enjoyed a good carvery
meal, which unlike some, had moist meats and vegetables instead of the
dried out offerings usually on offer.
Another scenic run with pleasant company, as enjoyable day. Thanks to
Chris and Alan for their efforts on our behalf.

Photos courtesy of Keith Turner and the Editor


September is the last of the evening pub runs before we switch to the
Sunday lunch runs from October onwards.
The weather was pleasant enough to drop the hood down and enjoy a
sunny drive to the services at Pont Abraham for the evening run. The
weather must have made a good impression on the members as we had a
good turnout for the evening.
As usual there was a bit of brinkmanship as everyone waited to see who
would move first and become the convoy leader. It is amazing how long
some people can appear to be getting ready but have one hand on the
gear lever ready to rush off following the leader. Eventually Dave and
Gay blinked first and drove off out of the carpark, followed by all those
who had pretended to be getting ready but were now sighing with relief
that someone had given in.
The route took us around some scenic roads as we headed towards
Drefach and on to Bancffosfelen and off to Meinciau and out towards
Kidwelly. It was on this stretch of the route, with the light beginning to
fade somewhat, that we lost three cars. Two had misread the road, and
Alan and Chris followed them as escort. Although the light was fading as
we turned back towards our finish venue, it was still very pleasant
driving with the roof down, even if we did have the heater on! Our
destination was the Ship & Castle in Loughor, certainly somewhere Sally
and I had never been to before. The owners were very welcoming and
despite the large number of us that descended on them in one hit, they
were quick with taking the orders and equally as fast with serving the
food which was very tasty and well prepared. Thanks to Alan & Chris for
another good run and finish venue.

Who wants a route sheet?                                                                     Even the desserts were large

There was a good turnout for the August pub run at the usual starting
point at Pont Abraham services despite the weather looking rather
unsettled. Unfortunately it did unsettle on us for a while, but it didnít
stop anyone enjoying the evening.
We left the services and headed off towards Ammanford on the main
road. The route turned off before the expected traffic lights in the square.
Taking the cars around past Tesco and cutting off the corner and the
speed bumps on that section of road.
Through Garnant and on to Gwaun-Cae-Gerwen, turning left towards
Brynamman. Instead of taking the mountain road, we turned right and
journeyed off towards Ystalyfera, Rhosmaen, Cefn-Bryn-Brain.
Coming into Cwmtwrch we descended the hill past the Sicle and
Tredegar Arms, which was when the smell of cooking wafted into the
car, making two already hungry tourers even hungrier. Still not too far to
Reaching the roundabout at the bottom of Lower Cwmtwrch, we turned
towards Brecon on the main road. Running up through Caerbont and
Abercraf and Pen y Cae and on towards the Dan-y-Ogof caves and our
destination at the Gwyn Arms just further on from the caves.
Despite our not being able to pre-order the food before leaving the start.
The staff at the restaurant were quickly taking our individual orders and
the cooked food was equally fast in being presented to us.
It was a nice road run, finished off with good food and a large table full
of friends to share the evening with. Thanks to Chris and Alan for
another good night out.



Gwyn Arms


July. A summer month. So why are we not flaking out with the heat?
That was the sort of question we asking ourselves on the way to the Pont
Abraham service area for the start of the evening pub run. Although it
must be said, we did have the roof down, albeit with thick jackets on.
Adrian and Georgina came along in their recently purchased MR2 which
remained topless all night, including on the way home!



Wrapped up against the cool day.


The sun did make an appearance.

Our route for this evening took us up towards Pen-y-Groes and off
towards Saron and Llandybie. From then we tuned towards Carreg
Cennen and Trap before heading to Llandyfan and Glanamman before
heading up over Bettws. The sun had made an appearance and the views
were really enjoyable driving over the top with Alan and Chris in the
lead in their Meteor. We had time to have a good look around at the coast
and the sprawl of Swansea in the distance with the DVLA sticking out
like a sore thumb. Even Bernard had his roof down across the mountain!
We headed down and over to Gorseinon and Loughor to arrive at the
Loughor Boating Club our restaurant for the evening. Our meals had
been pre-ordered before we left the services and we were soon served
with our choices. The food was superb and the girls took our lot in their
stride with a smile. A good evening out with good company and an
enjoyable route to start us off.
Thanks to Alan and Chris once again for putting an interesting route
together and for organising the food order.


Where will we be going this month? How should I know, we havenít got
to the start yet. Such is the topic of conversations when you are stuck in
traffic on the way to club runs when running tight on time.
However, we made the start at Pont Abraham before getting a phone call
to see where we were. Not a bad crowd considering the iffy summer
weather we have had lately, waited in the car park to see who else would
turn up. Jeff and Sandra would have to meet us at the venue to allow Jeff,
who had only just finished work, to get home and collect Sandra.
Our route for this evening was one used some time before, and which had
caused a bit of confusion en-route. Not to be caught out again, Alan and
Chris had been out and planted some ĎSHVRí arrows to point our tired
minds in the right direction. At the same time making sure we werenít
late in getting to the restaurant by roaming around the countryside in ever
decreasing circles wondering why we didnít have a map in the car and
being too proud to ask.
The evening was at least nice and clear enough to see the scenic views
along the way. A nice chance for those that hadnít used some of these
roads before to enjoy the vistas on offer on some of the higher roads. We
do live in a beautiful country.
Some of the directions came back to us as we recognised some of the
roads. At least the memory wasnít that bad after all. Heading towards
Pontyberem and Five Roads, we enjoyed a relaxed run over the mountain
road and dropped down the main Pembrey road and on towards
Mynyddygarreg and Meinciau and on to Bancffosfelen and the
Pontyberem Inn, our destination for the evening. Where we were greeted
by Jeff Robbins in the car park who had beaten us all to it.
We were given a long table which meant we could all sit together and
enjoy the evening of good food and good company.
Thanks as always to Alan and Chris for their efforts in providing
enjoyable runs and finding good pubs to eat in.


May Pub Run 2015

18th Century Waun Wyllt Inn,

Our pub runs are gaining in popularity by the look of the number of
members who tuned out for the May run.
The weather was somewhat un-summer like but good enough for
everyone to have a good chinwag in the carpark before the off. Menus
were studied and the social secretary, Chris Broughton, phoned in the list
of desired meals.
On the way to the services, Sally and I came up behind young William in
his trusty Rover. His car decided to test my reactions by not showing any
brake lights when Bill braked for the approach to the end of the
Motorway. Luckily I was awake for a change. Unfortunately having
mentioned it to Bill, who quickly checked the car out, he found that the
electrics were playing up and the car wasnít charging properly either.
Exit one diner. Bill sensibly deciding to get the car home before the light
faded enough for him to require lights.
The rest of us set off on the route using a number of roads not used for
some time and completely unknown to newer members. We headed
across country towards Tycroes Square and on to Gorslas and across to
the rear of the Botanical Gardens at Llanarthne. Turning left towards
Porthrhyd, Baltic (sounds a bit Russian to me) and Myrtle Hill before
ending up at Five Roads and the 18th Century Waun Wyllt Inn, our
culinary destination. For those of you who are interested, the literal
translation of Waun Wyllt is wild moor. I would imagine that the Sylen
Mountain a short distance away could be just that in poorer weather.



April Pub Run 2015

The April evening meal run began as usual at the Pont Abraham Services
with a bright and sunny finish to the day. Everyone must have had a good
day earlier, as we were greeted by a reasonably large gathering of
members, including a new recruit brought along by Brian Selby.
Welcome to the club Gordon, I hope you continue to enjoy the club.

A dry day for a change?                         Yep, sun it is. Tops down!

We left the services and headed up towards Ammanford on the A483
before turning left towards Pen-y-Groes. Heading off in the direction of
Gorslas and the mountain road to Maes y Bont. With good weather and a
clear evening, we were able to see the view out over the valley towards
Carmarthen. Something we have been unable to do on other occasions
due to mist and cloud. The gods were with us for a change.
Instead of a more direct route, Chris and Alan took us across the A40 in
the direction of Cwrt Henri and on to Llanfynydd before turning left
towards Abergorlech and on towards Brechfa and the Plough Inn at
Felingwm-Uchaf. The landlord and staff arranged for us all to sit together
around a block of tables made into one big square. Good food, good
roads. You donít know what you are missing. Join us for the next run!
If you havenít tried these roads before, please give them a go. They are
scenic as well as being good driving roads. They bring a smile to your
face and give you a chance to enjoy driving your favourite car without
going mad



February Sunday Lunch Run

The Three Rivers/Poachers Rest in Ferryside.

SHVR Club run to  A very wet run roads were awash our Hood is not 100% waterproof but not too bad. Restaurant was excellent 3 courses for £9.00! Carvery main course.


to The New Inn at the edge of Clydach

The January lunch run started from the usual Pont Abraham services on
the 25th. Alan and Chris having arranged another venue and a short road
run for us to enjoy.
There were a reasonable number of us gathered at the start, Neil and Jane
turned up in their Austin Healey with the top down despite the nip in the
air, showing us all up. Even Keith and Celia had arrived with their top
firmly closed, and they are normally topless most of the time.
The route took us back towards Pontarddulais and into the one-way
system where we took the road to Garnswllt. Our guides this time were
David and Gay; they set off before the rest of us and became the lead car.
Shouts of Ďfollow that carí were heard from Sally. Glad not to be the lead
navigator for tonight.
On through Garnswllt and on into Pantyffynnon, we were on the lookout
for a righthand turn we had missed before on another run. Luckily our
pathfinder had better eyesight than us and probably werenít talking as
much as we do so they found the turning and we got to see what the road
looked like. The run over Bettws was somewhat spoiled by the damp
mist, which turned to rain as we went along. Our intrepid duo in the big
Healey still topless at this point!
Dropping down off the mountain road, we headed towards Craig Cefn
Park and made our way to The New Inn at the edge of Clydach. By now
it was raining quite hard and Neil decided it was time to put the hood up
before lunch.
The food was really good and the company was equally iffy good.
Thanks to Chris and Alan for another good day out despite the weather.


Mansion House Hotel.
The first of the Sunday lunch runs got under way at the usual starting
point at Pont Abraham services but with fewer members than normal due
to holiday and other commitments, one of which was firmly down to age!
Having spent the night before celebrating a significant birthday and not
being used to partyís finishing in the early hours, our invitation was
kindly declined. The other noticeable absentee was regular diner Bill
Radford, who unfortunately managed to catch a heavy cold and decided
to stay wrapped up in the warm.
So it was that a mere four cars set out on the run back towards
Pontarddulais before turning right towards Llannon and Pontyberem.
Our route would take us towards and over the Mountain road towards
Pembrey, a nice route with scenic views and not too narrow roads.
Unless you count the rather large tractor with a hedge trimming
implement hanging on the back, which managed to negotiate an accurate
path right down the middle of the road. The driver was determined to
finish the job as soon as possible with as little delay with other road users
as he could manage. We even had a stand-off between him and an
oncoming lady in her Volvo who was equally determined that the peasant
in the farm vehicle should defer to a lady. Wrong! He was made of
sterner stuff and forced the on comers to reverse to a suitable passing
place. SHVR runs are nothing if not entertaining!
Escaping from the tractor/Volvo incident we resumed our route on
towards Carmarthen and the A40 towards Fishguard to take the
Llansteffan road and our destination at the Mansion House Hotel.
We have been to this hotel previously some time ago and had had good
service and food, so we were looking forward to more of the same. It is a
family run hotel and the owner is a bit of a petrol-head, which guarantees
a good reception. The food and service were as good and as plentiful as
before and a pleasant day was had by all. If you are in the mood for a day
out and a good meal, give them a try. I donít think you will be
Many thanks to Alan and Chris for their efforts and another good event.





The Neptune Burry Port

Pont Abraham, sunny evening, tops down. What a night for a pub run
with friends. Chris and Alan turned up and duly issued both route
instructions and menus. Pick a meal time.
Once the serious bit (meal choice) was decided, Chris phoned through
the menu choices as the cars departed the services heading up the hill
towards Llandeilo on the A483 before turning left at the Cwmgwili road
and off across country towards Llanddarog where we turned to the left
and on towards Llangyndeirne and some nice little country roads, many
of which we hadnít been down before. Originally we had had Keith and
Patrick ahead in their respective cars, but we had lost them some time

before and were a reduced convoy chasing through the lanes.
That was when we met Mr. Personality in his livestock lorry on a
tight-ish righthand bend. Time to reverse. Luckily there was a farm gate
on the outside of the bend; unfortunately Billís Rover declined his efforts
to reverse on the hill. We had to roll towards the lorry to allow Bill to use
the more level road to stop and get into reverse. He and I then reversed
out of happyís way. The only problem was the rest of the convoy hidden
around the corner. But being a real gent he made the others reverse some
way along the road until he could pass them. Bill had driven off around
the next bend to make room for the others so he thought, Sally and I

waited someway off the corner for them to catch up. We waited and we
waited. Bill came walking back to see what was going on, then the
mobile rang, it was Chris enquiring whether or not the other three lorries
had passed us yet. Apparently, happy in the lorry had told them there
were another three behind him before he drove off leaving them waiting.
Ho! Ho! An old trick, but it still works.
We proceeded through the rest of the lanes only to confronted by mist
ahead in the valley. When we got there we found out that the mist was
actually powder being spread on some fields. There was so much of it,
we lost sight of the road for a while and had to drive blind. Once we had
cleared the farmers attempt to kill passers-by, we made our way to Burry
Port and The Neptune pub for a well-earned meal. Once again Chris and
Alan had put together a scenic run for us, but it was a pity their efforts
were met with so few club members. Thanks both, hereís to the next one!


Juneís pub run started at the slightly earlier time of 6.45pm in response to
requests made to Chris and Alan to start earlier and eat earlier. Ever
eager to fit events and people together, they arranged for the change of
time and all further evening pub runs will start at the earlier time. So
make a note in your diaries.
Leaving the services we headed back towards Pontardulais before turning
towards Llannon and Pontyberem and the road over the top into
Pontyberem itself, where the route got a little more intense and a bit of
concentration was called for. Not that it did Sally or me any good or the
queue behind us, as we missed the turning. Ooops!
Retracing our route, having turned in someoneís gateway, we managed to
pick up the route. Or did we? We hadnít seen any other cars so far. Had
we done it again? Press on, it must be right.
We caught up with the leading group, you know, the smarty-pants who
didnít go wrong, and followed them through to Maesybont and Dryslwyn
and on towards Llandeilo.
The route then took us up towards Carreg Cennen Castle, Bethlehem and
Rhydsaint before heading towards Talley and our destination at Salem
and the Angel Inn, where the hungry travellers descended on the
unsuspecting restaurant. A good meal was had by all and the staff were
really friendly considering we were later than promised and the
number of meals ordered. Another run with some new roads
and nice views, I donít know how Chris and Alan find them after all
these runs. Thanks both for a goodnight out. Join us for the next
outing. You will enjoy it Iím sure.

Angel Inn Salem

With an earlier than normal start time, we embarked on the first of the
evening pub runs organised by Alan and Chris from the usual Pont
Abraham starting point. A good crowd turned up for the evening, as we
awaited the news of our intended finishing point from our organisers.
While we waited for the organizing team to turn up, we learned that there
was a birthday to be celebrated during the evening. Poor man!
The meals pre-ordered from the menus, it was time to leave the services
and head off towards Crosshands on the A48. At the roundabout we
turned left to take us down to the old road and on to Drefach, Porthyrhyd
and on towards Nantgaredig. Passing through the village, we turned left
towards Carmarthen on the A40. At the roundabout we took the A485
towards Lampeter before turning onto the B4459 to Pencader and then to
Llandysul, before heading towards Newcastle Emlyn and the A486 back
towards Carmarthen, arriving at the Lamb of Rhos for our meal.
The Lamb at Rhos. A room to ourselves.
Happy Birthday



3rd March Meet Pont Abraham 11 am

A new year for the club and the start of the regular monthly runs

organised by Christine and Alan, Sunday during wintertime, switching to

evening runs for the summer.

The weather wasnít particularly amenable for the start, cold to start with

and wet when we were all gathered together for a chat and catch-up. So it

was back into the cars and read the route before the off. Who was going

to lead off? Everyone was waiting for someone else to make the move.

In the end Sally and I gave in and led the assembled cars out of the

services towards Cross Hands and the Food Park slip road, this led us

around on to the old road towards Drefach and on to Bancffosfelin.

The route took in some picturesque scenery as we made our way to

Meinciau and Kidwelly and the main road to Llanelli. We followed the

coastal route back towards Swansea before turning onto the old main

road through Bynea and on to our destination at the Halfway Hotel.

Lunch was a set price menu with good food and large desserts as some of

of the diners found out. It had been a good run followed by a good meal

in pleasant surroundings.

The turnout was reasonable for the time of year and the forecasted

weather, but the runs will only continue if they are supported. Hint, hint

contact Alan and Chris Broughton  01792 882193 Christine Broughton  07790456914, 



Evening Pub Runs until next September 2013


24th July

28th August

25th September 2013

Meet at Pont Abraham Services 7 pm

contact Alan and Chris Broughton  01792 882193 Christine Broughton  07790456914, 


April Evening Run 2013


The first of the Ďsummerí evening runs was held on the 24th from the usual start point at Pont Abraham on a cool and damp evening unfortunately. It should have been warmer and brighter but there we are. SHVR diners are made of sterner stuff!


Off we went, through Pontardulais and on towards Pontlliw where we turned left at the lights and took to the lanes. We followed the route through, to and past the Felindre Reservoir over the hillside towards the Masons Arms where we turned left onto the main road, before turning immediately right towards Craig Cefn Parc and on to Clydach, where we joined the original main road through to Pontardawe and back out onto the by-pass to head off to Upper Cwmtwrch and the New Tredegar Arms for our evening meal. It is a venue we have used before, but it is clean and the food is well cooked and presented by friendly and welcoming staff. Thanks to Alan and Chris for yet another good run and good food at the end.


Sunday Lunch Runs 2013




Sunday the 24th saw the diners meet up at the Pont Abraham start for the last of the Sunday lunch runs. The organisers having declared summer for April, meaning that we will be switching to evening pub runs until next September.


A cold dry morning awaited those members that made the start venue. Unfortunately as I had only come out of hospital on the Saturday. Sally and I had to make do with meeting up with everyone at the finish, using the main roads and missing the route laid out by Alan and Chris.



Leaving the services and taking the Ammanford road, the route turned left at the Cwmgwili Golf Range turning and down into Cwmgwili before turning right towards Thonhill Morfa and Penygroes.


Heading towards Golden Grove, Derwen Fawr and Broad Oak, we headed over to the A40 and on to Cwmdu and on to the Llanfynydd road.


Through the village and on to Court Henry to find the Pantglas Owners Club which was to be the venue for our lunch. The old House is now a restaurant and bar facility for those who own the various log cabins within the well-kept grounds of the complex and who wish to save on the kitchen duties or those who just want to meet up and have a bit of company.


The food was well presented with a good choice of starter, main and dessert courses. Some managed all three courses, some only two. They gave good portions.


Sally and I managed to join everyone as they tucked into their first course. Funny isnít it, you think by missing out on the route you will save time. However, there is always a ĎSunday Driverí who can delay anyone, at anytime and anywhere. The result was that we were the last to sit down to dine, but it did not seem to bother the staff who brought our food along very quickly.


Another good route and venue as always from Alan and Chris. Where they get them all from I donít know. Thanks both.


Photos courtesy of Keith Turner.






This monthís run started from the usual venue of Pont Abraham Services on the M4.  We were supposed to meet at 10.45 but some people struggle with the time but we were all in place by 11.00.


The weather had discouraged some people so there were only 7 cars at the start but 2 more joined us eventually for lunch.  We left the services heading west on the A48 through Cross Hands and then turned north into rural Carmarthenshire. Chris and Alan had found the usual narrow lanes for us but there was a very smooth bit of route up the B4310 towards Brechfa. 


We then turned west crossing the A485 to Llanpumsaint before finding some more muddy lanes on the way towards Trelech.  We were all held up a little by a shooting party which seemed to be supported by ten or twelve 4x4ís and pick-up trucks full of hounds.  We then turned down the B7299 towards St. Clears which follows the river valley.  The rain was still holding off and we even saw a little sunshine as we drove down the valley.  In St. Clears we crossed the A40 and took the road to Laugharne and then just through the village we found the Broadway Country House Hotel.


There was a large table laid for us in the dining room with a very pleasant open fire.  After a short chat with drinks in the lounge we were ushered in for a very pleasant lunch. 


It was suggested during lunch that one of our crews who started first but who were last to arrive at the hotel could ask for a map in their Christmas stockings which might help on future runs.


While we were eating the rain returned but not too heavily.  However, on the way home through Carmarthen the rain became torrential for a short time.  Even on maximum speed the wipers could not keep pace and 20 mph on the A40 was as fast as it was safe.  The rain soon slowed for the rest of the run home.


Many thanks to Chris and Alan for organising these runs and they do well to come up with a different route and venue every time.  Donít forget no pub run in December as it is so close to Christmas. 

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