Following many requests from members, at least two! Patrick relented
and despite having stated he would not organise another bus trip to the
NEC. He gave in gracefully and ordered a bus even though there were
only a couple of names in the hat. Usually we have not filled the coach
and have paid for empty seats, left by individuals not turning up on the
To deter this previous habit, it was decided to ask for payment at the time
of booking. Would it work, would we put people off? Far from it. It was
the first time we have had a full bus load. It would mean more work for
Patrick to marshal us all on and off at the services and the show itself, a
point which would come back to bite him later.
Our first stop was at the Strensham services for a quick break for coffee
etc. Then on to the NEC, without last year’s enforced detour. It seems no
one wanted to throw themselves off a motorway bridge this year!
For those who have not been to the NEC Classic show for a while, the
first thing that hits you is how big the show has now become. There is
just more of everything to see, which makes it difficult to get to see all
that is being displayed. You have to be a bit selective in what you want to
see and leave out that which you don’t.
There were a few of us, who as regular visitors, decided that the general
lack of seating for poor old pensioners was going to be a thing of the
past. Bernard took along his rubber footed shooting stick and Keith and I
had small folding stools and Mike Green took along an electric chariot
with which to mow down any unsuspecting pedestrian. No more fatigued
pensioners this time. We could sit where and when we wanted.
SHVR 1 – NEC 0!
Having had a good but fruitless go at spending money without the normal
constraints of an accompanying wife, Keith and I decided to breakout our
seating equipment in a superior manner in front of the assembled
peasants seated on the floor against the walls. No uncomfortable lunch
for us! The old proverb states that pride comes before a fall. It still
applies even in this technological world. Sitting in relative comfort on
our folding stools with our backs to the wall, we enjoyed our little picnic.
That is until we heard a loudish click. What could have caused that we
wondered. ‘There it is again’ commented Keith, moments before
gracefully sliding down the wall to floor level as his folding stool
collapsed as the composite pivot plate snapped into two pieces. At least
we now knew what the clicking noise was!
An intact Dolomite waterfall grille. MG VA Art Deco dash panel.
A Jowett curtain side commercial. Relatively rare Zephyr 4 for sale.
All too soon it was time to head back to the bus with Mr. Pattison and his
check list ticking our names off as we took our seats. ‘There is someone
missing’ said the aforementioned checker offer. As I said in the
beginning, it would come back to bite him. Patrick had a nervous wait as
our driver and helpers went to look for our errant passenger, who by now
was well overdue. Would we have to leave without him? It nearly came
to that, but fate guided him back to the bus just in time.
Many thanks to Patrick for relenting on his decision not to organise a trip for us
all and giving us a good day out. Next year???

Relatively rare Zephyr 4 for sale. A Jowett curtain side commercial.
An intact Dolomite waterfall grille. MG VA Art Deco dash panel.