Established 1976

Festival of Transport 2015

Following on from the previous day’s road run. The Sunday classic
gathering in the streets of Swansea rounds off the festival weekend.
Again it shows how popular our hobby really is. People walked around
the city centre admiring the display of vehicles and bikes on show and
the general reaction was to admire the show or to talk about the car
someone’s dad had or a neighbour who had one but a different colour. I
didn’t hear anyone complaining about the show or the vehicles on
display except the odd young person with tired legs being dragged
around another row of cars. A good number of which belonged to our
own members. Many of whom were noted to be sans wife! More open
shops and expensive lessons learned from the previous day I suspect.
Or am I biased?

SHVR on display.

 Model Y Ford attracts attention.

 Rare Herald Coupé.                                                      Lego do batteries????