Established 1976

Festival Fields Show 2015

For the second year running, the Festival Fields classic show was
actually held in Pembrey Country Park, although the name remains the
I have to say, I feel the current setting is a huge improvement over the
original Festival Field venue, which was quite dusty due to the gravel. At
least in Pembrey it is a large grassed field which having a sandy base,
drains well and easy to drive on and dust free.
This time we all met up in the carpark at Tesco Fforestfach. The idea
being to go out onto the coast road to Llanelli. We were joined by a
number of American cars and a lone Wolseley 1500, which looked a
little small in the company of these large fifties cruisers. We were also
joined by a couple of new Riley drivers, coerced by Pat , into joining us
for the day and hopefully to join the club as well.
Although we all arrived together on site, for some reason, the organisers
wanted the American contingent to park in a different area to us. The
weather was a bit cool but dry as we settled down to enjoy ourselves. Not
that it would last! The drizzle got a little heavier and people sought
shelter or erected gazebos and umbrellas. Dennis had brought along his
fold out gazebo. Job done we thought. Nope. The wind had picked up
and said gazebo couldnít make up its mind whether to stay with us or to
take off. At a suggestion from Julie, the legs were shortened, bringing the
covering down into the shelter of the lea of the cars.

A bit more your way!                                               Bijou dining room. Donít stand up!

Time to wangle our way under the rather low roof line of the now mini
gazebo. Easier said than done for those of a stiffer nature.
At least we were out of the drizzle and partially sheltered from the worst
of the wind. What anyone must have thought about the Pigmy gazebo
full of large adults in amongst the cars is anyoneís guess. We didnít care.
Our bijou residence afforded a reasonable degree of discomfort with
which to enjoy a coffee break and shelter sitting in our folding seats; well
we couldnít stand up anyway even if we had wanted to without becoming
a part of the framework. At least the weather was improving, the
temperature was climbing again. Is that sun I see?? Yes it was.
Time to extricate our long bodies from a small gap between the frame
and the floor. Much heaving and grunting was heard during this
operation. Gazebo neatly folded away, tables out in the open, now then
where were we?
Mother Nature has a wicked sense of humour sometimes. Thus it was
that we were seated around the table enjoying the sunshine and a chat,
when she caught everyone out with a completely unannounced and
sudden downpour of biblical proportions with two gallon droplets. You
have never seen so many people move so quickly to try and reach shelter.
We were all soaked to the skin, and I do mean soaked. A great pity for
the organisers after all the hard work that goes into getting a show up
and running, as a number of cars made their way out of the show as soon
as the rain abated, despite the sun coming out as the skies cleared.

A new Riley addition to the area.                                  The second newcomer Riley.

A good day out despite our impromptu alfresco bathing but a pity for the
Pontarddulais Club members.