Established 1976




The Cottage Inn Llandeilo situated on the A40

between Carmarthen and Llandeilo


Our move to the Cottage Inn for the Brunch Club appears to have struck a
chord with our members and the staff of the pub. Everyone is getting to
know each other and it is a friendly start to the month.
This month brought a change to the format for us. The landlord suggested
that he could not only provide a brunch in the morning, he could set up a
Christmas late lunch/early dinner for us on the same day. This obviously
appealed to some of our members, because our club outnumbered the
members from the other regular clubs that support the brunches.
Despite the less than clement weather forecast, a lot of enthusiasts turned
up for the early brunch. Terry Davison had produced a route for a postbrunch
road run, to work off the breakfast and give time for the pub to get
ready for our re-appearance in the afternoon.
We had a wet but good run around the area, although unfortunately some
of the views were obscured by mist and cloud for those who had not driven
these roads before, a pity. Perhaps next year?!

The 2nd sitting for breakfast!

What shall I have for lunch?

We had 30 diners for the Christmas lunch in the afternoon and we had had
37 for the earlier brunch in the morning. All in all, a good turnout for the
last brunch of the year and a worthwhile number of diners for the
Christmas meal for the effort put in by the landlord and his staff. I hope to
see more of you next year on the brunch meetings. You never know, you
might enjoy yourselves!
The Brunch Club is up and running again. There is a new venue now to
replace the Cothi Bridge Hotel where it all started so long ago.
Terry Davison has made an agreement with the owners of the Cottage Inn
at Pentrefelin Llandeilo SA19 6SD. The breakfasts cost £6 each including
a choice of tea or coffee for our members.
A number of us attended this monthís meeting and found the staff very
friendly and the food was first class, so we are happy to continue at the
Cottage Inn. We will meet at the Pont Abraham services for those who
would like a run to the pub, or if you prefer, you can make your own way
to there.


The Cottage Inn, our new brunch halt.  Plenty of parking space.

Dave Ralls and Penny came topless!

The brunch meetings will be held on the first Saturday of each month as
before. There are also plans to have post-brunch road runs for those who
fancy making more of a day out.
Keep an eye on the magazine for details or contact Mike Jones.

 01792362281  Meet Pont Abraham 10 am

Classic Brunch Lunch

Every 1st Saturday in the month

For those members who were put-off by the change of menu at the
brunch meetings in June, there is good news. Following a discussion
between interested parties, it has been decided to revert back to the old
format of a cooked breakfast with a choice of tea or coffee only.
If you fancy joining in, we meet on the first Saturday of each month at
the Pont Abraham Services for 10am.


Pontargothi, Carmarthen SA32 7NG

Terry Davison. 01267 290251

November 2016

Members of CVEG Join SHVR for an enjoyable Brunch Lunch


August 2015

Arriving at our start point at Pont Abraham service area, Sally and Iwondered who would join us for the first brunch run after the enforced
lay-off caused by the hotelís electrical fire.Entering the car park, we spotted the bright red Morgan belonging to
Gordon Radcliffe, shinning in the morning sun. Who else would comealong? In the end there were just six of us, but we set off to have a short
run up through Pen-y-Groes to Gosrlas and up over the mountain road to Maes-y-Bont. From there we drove to the Dryslwyn road past the castle
to the A40 and left towards Nantgaredig and the Cothi Bridge. It was anice run in the brightening day with the hood down and the wind in our
hair, well whatís left of it. A good day to be alive.We arrived at the hotel to find a number of the Stag Owners club had
beaten us to it and a number of the Porsche GB club members in thecar park. Shortly after our arrival, Gil Mount joined us in his Austin 3ltr,
so we ended up with the biggest table in the restaurant.It was good to see the brunch club meetings enjoying a good start,
considering the time the hotel was closed. It is often difficult forbusinesses to recover from long closures. People get used to going
elsewhere or just donít bother anymore.If you fancy a monthly run out in your car with fellow enthusiasts and
friends. Join us at the Pont Abraham services on the first Saturday of the month.Too late for this session, but if anyone is interested in a post brunch road
run. Let me know. We did a couple of them previously and had a good day out in our cars with a group of like-minded friends.Make a note in your diaryís and enjoy your car more often.


Welcome news

. The Cothi Brunch meetings are to re-start on the first ofAugust. The lengthy repairs to the fire damaged hotel have now been
sorted out and Terry, Sally and son Jonathon are ready to welcome backclub members to the monthly meetings.As usual, we will meet up at Pont Abraham services at 10am, beforeenjoying a small road run to the hotel in time for a natter and brunch withlike-minded enthusiasts from other clubs.
Let me know if you are coming along so that we know who to wait for atthe start, or let me know if you are going to go direct to the Cothi Bridge.

September 5th 2015

October 3rd 2015

November 7th 2015


Every 1st Saturday in the month

Terry Davison. 01267 290251

The brunch runs are now well underway and well supported by the club. Food is excellent and promptly served. Terry and his son Jonathon have taken over the running of the restaurant and the brunches and the quality and price are back to what we enjoyed originally.

Future runs will be on the first Saturday of the month, starting at Pont Abraham with a short road run. Longer runs are in the offing, so if you fancy more of a day out, let us know. RV at 10am for 10.30am start.

The first brunch run was held on the 3rd of August 2013 and well supported by the club. The problems with cost and quality of the food with the last tenant is a thing of the past. Terry and his son Jonathon have taken over the running of the restaurant and the brunches and the quality and price are back to what we enjoyed originally.


The next runs will be on the first Saturday of the month, starting at Pont Abraham with a short road run. Longer runs are in the offing, so if you fancy more of a day out, let me know.


September 2012 was a quite month this time. A lot of the regular attendees were at other events or on holiday. We did however manage to put up a good show of club members with six of us commandeering one end of the restaurant for breakfast. There would have been seven, but we lost Patrick in his lovely Riley, as it succumbed to a bout of electrical gremlins, which led him to return home to sort out the bugs. Gil Mount made the effort to join us despite suffering from a very painful knee, bringing his Austin 3-litre out for some sun. Keith, Bill Radford and Howard Spence made up the rest of the table.

We will be reintroducing our road runs for the Cothi Brunches but will be starting from Penllegaer Services instead of Pont Abraham. Let me know if youíre coming to the October brunch.


Mike Jones 01792362281 



First Saturday of the month means a Cothi Classic Brunch for those who fancy a morning out in the car and a natter with friends over brunch.

Keith Turner decided that he also fancied a brunch. Meeting up at the Halfway garage we drove off into the sun and headed for Penllegaer and the M4. So far so good.


Sally began to question the dark clouds before us and wondered if we were going to stop in the Pont Abraham services to put the hood up. Donít be silly, the forecast was dry with maybe a shower or two in the west.


With that we chased Keith along the A48 towards Cross Hands with a smattering of rain drops appearing on the screen. With more words of confidence to ward off the rain demon from me. As we hit the A48 the other side of the Cross Hands roundabout the rain got heavier. Still itís alright unless you slow down and it will only be a shower wonít it?

The rain got heavier, we went faster. The rain got heavier! We would have slow down for the Botanical Garden turning, we were getting wet!

As we made the turning our road would take us under the motorway which meant we could stop under the bridge and chicken out and put the tops up. Weather 1 Ė  SHVR 0.  As we arrived at the Cothi Bridge, the sun was shining, (Weather 2 Ė SHVR 0), breakfast would make up for it. There was a good selection of cars, with some new brunchers up from Pembroke for the first time. Bill Radford joined us shortly afterwards and a good time was had by all.


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