This summer has not been kind to the world of classic cars with a majority
of weekends earmarked for shows or runs having poor to wet weather. I
wonder what we have all done wrong?
In keeping with tradition, good old Mother Nature came up with a dire
forecast for the very day that we had booked for our show in the park.
This was rather unfortunate, in that most classic owners pay careful
attention to such broadcasts and tend to err on the side of caution when it
comes to taking their pride and joy out for the day preferring not to risk it.
At least the world ending torrents and thunder storms didnít actually make
an appearance, but the damage was done. A large number of entrants
declined to venture out, which left us with a hard core band of enthusiasts
who braved the weather. It turned out to be a better day than we all thought
when we first got to the park early in the morning.

A number of members braved the rain.

 Good support from the Pembroke club.

Despite the dayís weather improving to the point where we could stand
around putting the world and everything else to rights, the sun decided to
remain absent for the day. It was a pity because we had a good turnout of
cars for the public to have a look around. Well at least they could have
looked around if they had turned up. Even the Fair had to stay closed for
the day because of the threat of high winds. All in all a good turnout of
cars in the end considering, but a poor show for the Town Council.
Due to the iffy weather, we will be having a re-run of the show on the 24th
of September. All are welcome, just turn up on the day there is no need to
book ahead.

In view of the poor weather on the August Saturday. The Park manager
asked us if we would consider putting on a second classic show for them.
Having them put so much effort and expense into the first attempt, it would
have been a shame to have said no. What about a suitable date? It was
already too late for an August date, so it would have to be in September, a
pretty busy month in the classic car world as things start to finish off in
September, due to the number of classics that are taken off the road from
the first of October. Many of which are only taxed from April to
Carmarthen Show mark II was therefore planned for the 24th of
September, retaining the Saturday format for the park management. Que
hasty phone calls and e-mails to everyone we could think of to get cars for
the show. Many of whom said yes to the invitation to try again.
The forecast was drier and cloudy but it was going to be windy. This
appeared to have put off a number of the owners who had previously
agreed to turn up. As it was though, we had a good turnout in view of the
short notice we had to give them and the, yet again, iffy forecast which
deterred a reasonable number of cars.

More space Ė no fairground rides

. Unusual South African VW Pickup

The VW Pickup was a South African import. They have a shortened
wheelbase and a 2-litre Toyota water-cooled engine. More suited to a hot
climate than the air-cooled engine fitted as standard.
There were no fairground rides this time so we had more space to put
fewer cars into! Better luck next year, we hope.