Sally and I decided to have a go at the Swansea MG Enthusiasts Beacons
Run, the 19th such run, following a number of years gap to the last one
we entered.
The forecast was good enough for us to take the TF and hope for a day
out in the sun. Luckily we were not to be disappointed. It was to be an
earlyish start to get to the McDonalds Glynneath departure point on time.
As hoped for, we had a pleasant run along the Heads of the Valleys road
with little or no other traffic to spoil the morning. So far so good!
Arriving at the start venue, we were greeted by a marshal informing us
that it was roadside parking only. McDonalds was full to the brim, which
canít have been bad for their weekly figures as most people had a tea or
coffee before departing on the run.
The route took us past the distillery at Penderyn before turning right off
the main road and along some scenic roads we hadnít been along before
towards Cwm Cadlan. Unfortunately for what looked like a charity bike
ride in the opposite direction to us, there were inevitable points where
pedals had to give way to oncoming MGís. However it all passed in a
civilised manner and we were off to the Brecon Railway for a comfort
break and a chance to stretch our legs. There is an old fashioned sweet
shop in the station which took some back to childhood, standing there
full of indecision looking at all the bon-bons on display.
Leaving the station exit, it was off towards Usk and on to Talybont
village and some scenic roads towards Sennibridge before having fun on
the Eppynt range with its newly tarmacked roads. A chance to play with
the car in relative safety as the topography allows good forward vision
for any oncoming traffic.
The finish was at the National Botanical Gardens of Wales. We had not
been to the gardens since it opened for the first time to the public, so it
was no surprise to see such a huge difference in the site. The domed
garden is now well established and so unlike the building site we
remembered. All in all a good day out in the car, completel


Mike Jones