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This question has cropped up on a number of occasions this year, especially from prospective members I have spoken to during our events and outside club activities.


So! What do I get for my money? A fair question from anyoneís point of view and one I had to think of from both sides of the fence so to speak. When I explained the benefits in answer to the question it got me thinking as to what I really got out of the club in return for my continues support.


I pay the club £20 every January. For that I get a monthly magazine, either at club night or posted to me if Iím not at the club night. I get a free calendar every year, the last one in full colour!


The other clubs I belong to do produce calendars, but I have to buy them!

In fact with SHVR if I donít attend any club nights or events, I get the magazines every month and the calendar through the post without fail.

The cost of the magazines and the calendar alone cost SHVR more than I pay them in my subscription. Add to that the cost of postage, which is now a real burden and I cost the club substantially more money to have me as a member than I pay them annually!!


In recent years I also get monthly activities to participate in. Road runs, pub runs, shows, lunch runs, brunch runs, and trips and best of all I have a large circle of like-minded friends to share my hobby with and enjoy my motoring with. Something I worry wonít be something I will be able to do for much longer, if those in charge get their anti-car way. We are not wasting precious resources; we actually contribute a substantial amount of money into the treasury ever year as a hobby. Something a lot of hobbies donít come anyway near to and something politicians would do well to acknowledge.


What do I get? An awful lot more than I put in, how about you?

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