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September club night saw a presentation given to members from the team at Evans Waterless Engine Coolants. John Dorney had persuaded them to come to the club night and to explain their products to us. 

The company produces a number of waterless coolants for use in engines varying from vintage, classic and full blown racing engines to a number of commercial and aerospace applications. 

Their managing director gave us a brief outline of life in the cooling system endured by water and the weakness it has under certain conditions that it may encounter. He also pointed out the drawbacks of the water’s effect on the metal components of our vehicles in contact with the coolant used. The inclusion of antifreeze in cooling systems, whilst protecting against internal corrosion and freezing, has the downside of needing replacement every couple of years with a compatible formula for the type of engine to maintain the anti-corrosion additives. 

The benefits of their system were listed as having a once only application, it doesn’t need replacing. The boiling point is raised to +180 degrees centigrade and unlike water it does not turn to a gas at any of an engine’s hotspots, and as such does not raise the pressure in the cooling system as normal. Therefore the cooling system runs at a reduced pressure putting less strain on the system. The radiator cap can be removed from a hot engine without the coolant gushing out of the radiator, removing the hazard of scalding water from the person removing the cap. It also protects against freezing down to -40 degrees C. There is no scaling, corrosion or liner pitting.

 The evening ended with a question and answer session during which the members threw every query they could think of at their team.

 If you would like more information, check out their website or telephone direct. or 01792 572299. A Swansea based company offering a discount to club members and a conversion service for those who do not want to do the job for themselves.

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