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Under Milkwood Run 2014

Unlike last year, the weather did allow a little sun through to warm up
the assembled classics filling Bracelet Bay’s car park early on the
Saturday morning. Would we be ok for the rest of the run? Fingers
As normal, SHVR members supported the event in reasonably large
numbers. They obviously like a day out in their cars with a picnic or
lunch at the end of the route.
The cars kept on arriving and the car park looked in danger of being filled
to capacity, with a large number of commercial vehicles and buses
joining in. It gave us all a chance for a coffee and a walk around the
varied vehicles waiting for the start of proceedings.

Mumbles normally caused by the procession of classics making their way
through the village. This year there would be the added chaos of a
Triathlon start at the slip and a Farmers Market in the seafront car park in
Oystermouth. At least most people were smiling at the cars and their
occupants as they slowly made their way through the crowded village,
although some old hands bypassed the crowd by going over the top
through to Langland, avoiding the worst of the congestion.
People still like to see classic cars, despite what the anti-car brigade
would have you believe.

Classics bring out the best in people and the best people have classics!!
The route followed the normal format used for some time. This gives
those who want to see the various vehicles or take photographs, a good
opportunity to pick their spot in advance of the cars and judging by the
numbers of them along the roadside there are a lot of them interested in
seeing them in use, waving enthusiastically as each car passed them.
By the time we made the journey to the finish at the main car park in
Laugharne the weather could only be described as hot and sunny. I think
they used to call in summer in the old days!

 Unfortunately there was a bit of a bottleneck which rapidly built up and
tailed back right through the village, which was caused by an idiot who
knew better than those telling him how to tackle the small ford which
would take him to the parking area around the Castle walls.

Disappointingly there is always one in every walk of life, whose lack of
intelligence impacts on the enjoyment of so many. The ensuing hold up
meant that a number of vehicles turned back and did not come to the

finish and a number of locals were rather annoyed to say the least at
being held up so badly. A pity for those who had got Laugharne anyway,
and were so close to joining their friends for some alfresco dining and a
danger of alienating the local goodwill.
By the time we decided to head for home after an enjoyable picnic and
wander about looking at the assembled car show. The lady of the house
decided an ice-cream was called for before hitting the road and being a
dutiful and brownie-point gathering husband, I shot off to the ice-cream
van by the roadside. The owner had had such a good day, she had very
little to choose from left on offer. She must be a classic enthusiast from
now on!



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