Established 1976

Towy Valley Vintage Club Show at

Cothi Bridge 2017

The end of June heralds the two day show at the Pontargothi show ground.
Looking at the number of club members in attendance on the Sunday that
we were there, it is a popular venue for SHVR vehicles.
The forecast for the weekend had suggested that Sunday would be the
better of the two days. Reality proved it to be as accurate as normal. Quite
why they got rid of the trusty dried seaweed and binder-twine forecasts I
have no idea. Come to that, nor do the Met Office! There is nothing quite
like driving rain whilst sitting at the picnic tables enjoying an early
morning coffee, to make one feel at one with nature and nicely wet to boot.
Luckily the show hall was within limping distance and Mr. Burns and I
sought refuge there along with half of the exhibitors. Not to be too harsh
Mother Nature did relent and it turned out to be a pleasant afternoon, if a
little windy at times, and I donít mean flatulence.

A hand built working Traction Engine. Mike & Ron did well for Millieís appeal.
Mark Reedís immaculate Cortina 1600E. Just to prove we did have some sun!