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Towy Valley Show at Cothi Bridge 2015

Faced with the prospect of a wet Sunday, our normal choice of day to
attend the Towy show, we chickened out and decided to attend on the
Saturday for a change and enjoy the promised better weather.
We met up with everyone at Pont Abraham, in the now traditional SHVR
corner of the car park before the seven vehicles headed off in convoy
along the main road. The idea being that if we arrived together, we could
park up together and enjoy each otherís company, or not as the case may

We all made it intact and in line.                        Johnny & Chris Thomasís display.

Stunning Handmade cardboard models

There's always one in every show


The weather was on our side and by the afternoon it was scorching
sunshine. We chose the right day to go. It is a nice friendly show to go to.
If you havenít tried it, do go you will have a relaxing day surrounded by
a good display of cars, commercials and agricultural machines.


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