Established 1976


During last month’s club night, Patrick Burns mentioned an invitation he
had been given by the members of the Swansea Rifle Club, to allow our
members to visit their club facilities and use the shooting ranges. On our
behalf, Patrick had accepted their kind offer and asked those interested to
put their names down so that we could let the shooting club know how
many of us to cater for. Unfortunately the response was quite poor, with
only seven members taking up the invitation on offer. Meeting up at the
club premises in Treboeth, our intrepid snipers were given a warm
welcome from the instructors with tea or coffee, before being split into
manageable groups and allocated one of the shooting ranges complete with
instructor. We were introduced to the choice of firearms in use in each of
the ranges. These varied from compressed air powered pistols and rifles, to
.22 calibre rifles, including a genuine old Lea-Enfield rifle that had been
sleeved to fire .22 ammunition. What a heavy gun it was. How soldiers
carried all their kit and spare ammunition, and then put one of those things
over their shoulder and marched off across the countryside, I have no idea.
We were treated to a buffet lunch with tea or coffee by the instructors
which, despite our best efforts, we failed to consume everything on offer.
Before the end of the experience, we were all given the opportunity to have
a one shot go on a very accurate and powerful rifle to see who would be
the Top-Gun of the day. The targets were much smaller than those we had
used earlier. In fact when told to use the left-hand target, I had to ask where
it was! The ‘Top Gun’ was given a small award at the end of the session
and a small memento given to the rest of us. The whole day was free of
charge; they would not accept any payment from us. A really nice gesture
on their part. Those of you that didn’t come missed a really good day out
and a different experience. We have been invited back, so look out for info.

Hawkeye’ Turner.