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Summer Rally 2018

Our glorious summer ran out before our annual Summer Rally. If only it
had lasted another week we would have been ok, such is life. All the hard
work by the organising team nearly got washed away but we did get lots of
support in spite of the wind and rain.
Thank you to all the members who organised or helped out with the sodden
weekend and to those members who supported the event and entered the
Despite the less than pleasant weather we had over the Summer Rally weekend,
we actually had plenty of support as Ron van Heeswijk’s photo shows.

The last weekend in July, time for the club’s Summer Rally once more. A
summer month, this is a time of good weather and barmy evenings. Not
this year! Our long lasting summer ran out of fuel and allowed the rain its
chance to play with us all. One more week was all we needed and we
would have had a dry rally and a chance to see all of the wonderful scenery
that would have been on offer to the entrants. Mother Nature 1 – SHVR
Thursday evening involved a Bar-B-Q at the Gwachel in Pontardawe, laid
on by the landlord and his wife. Cathal, the Irish Chairman, had broken his
ankle shortly before the trip over here and this mishap put him in a
wheelchair, donated by Mike Green and customised by SHVR. It had 2
squeaky bulb horns, rear view mirrors, flashing Leds and number plates.
Well, we couldn’t pass up an opportunity like that could we? Although we
did leave off the hand rims from the rear wheels. Our breakdown team
carried out a roadside fitting service.

SHVR Mk1 GTI wheelchair . Oops! SHVR rescue service at work.

Our second event was the trip on the Copper Jack up the river, which left at
6pm; a good number made the trip and thoroughly enjoyed the cruise.
Some of us met the returning Irish visitors at their hotel for a meal. We had
previously experienced the river trip and left the places on board for those
who hadn’t as numbers were limited.
The Saturday road run started at Day’s in Plasmarl for a car show and
classic car club display. Mother Nature had other plans and treated us to a
monsoon first thing, which obviously put a lot of the other clubs off. We
were wondering who if anyone would turn up at awere wondering who if anyone would turn up at all, as we were setting up
in the showroom. After a thorough soaking, finding out that my waterproof
jacket wasn’t waterproof after all. Mother Nature decided that we could
have a dry spell and even threw in a sunny period; this did bring out a few
brave souls who lined their cars up on the verge outside the fence. Hooray!
Those members who had entered the rally turned up and parked in the
reserved area in front of the showroom. As soon as the visitors turned up,
we held the raffle in the showroom, the proceeds of which will be going to
the Gareth Day Foundation, in memory of Graham Day’s son who sadly
passed away following a brain tumour.

SHVR rally reception.

 A full rally park ferme before the off.

Once all the formalities were completed, the cars all set off on the first of
the road runs, which took them off towards and along the A465 Heads of
the Valleys road and then on towards Brecon to finish at the Honey Café at
Bronllys for a lunch halt. I have to admit that I shot off home after clearing
up the showroom and putting things back to where they should be, to
change into some dry clothes. No lunch for us at the café, which was a pity
as the Honey café does do good food. I will have to have a day out and run
up there for lunch one day using the route provided.
Saturday evening we held a buffet meal at the Swansea Bay Golf Club,
which was well supported by our members as well as the visitors from
Kinsale. After the meal, a number of awards were made to some
unsuspecting individuals, much to the amusement of the rest of us. The rest
of the evening was spent having a drink and a natter with friends.
Sunday dawned beautifully hot and sunny. Well, wet and windy in reality,
not at all summery. We were supposed to have started from the SEAT dealership but they seemed to have forgotten about the agreement. Luckily
Patrick and Janette stepped in to start the run from their premises, and even
laid on nibbles to go with the tea and coffee for everyone.

Testing the cushions under supervision.

 Sarah pointing out all of the bargains

SHVR’s latest hair slide in stock now.

 Cathal the new mobile travel guide

The Sunday road run was supposed to take the entrants to St.Fagans via the
coast road but with the weather refusing to co-operate and time getting on;
it was decided to go direct to Culverhouse Cross for some retail therapy.
Apparently only one car made it to the shops, a number of the others got
lost en route.
Our weekend ended with a carvery meal at the Towers, followed by the
last few awards before settling down for some live music provided by
Cathal’s son Charlie and our own Ed Purcell and a friend accompanied by
one of the visitors on a penny whistle. A good time was had by all before
heading home to bed.
Photos courtesy of Ron van Heeswijk and the editor.