Established 1976

Singleton Show 2015

May Bank Holiday. It can only mean one thing, the Singleton Classic Car
Show. Swansea Historic Vehicle Registerís annual extravaganza in the
park. The first show of the season to many classic car owners and
judging from the number of entries and enquiries we received, it is a very
popular event for many clubs and individuals to attend.
Our newly acquired hospitality unit was brought out to play again,
having enjoyed a bit of TLC and one or two repairs after last yearís
debut. This year we sited the unit a bit further into the trees to give our
members more room to park up in front of it, and we gave ourselves
more space to the left of the unit before the Stationary Engine display. It
is our show after all!

SHVR open for business. The same area a little later.

Having taken all the signs and other odds and ends down to the unit on
Saturday in readiness for the setting up. We thought we were ahead of
the game. Wrong! There had been a mis-communication in arranging the
Sunday start time and a number of members turned up at 8am ready to
get stuck in. Apologies to all who made the effort and got there early. It
was originally arranged for 10am as normal but got lost in the translation.
That aside, once everything settled down, things moved on at a pace and
much of the set-up was completed early on, which meant that our
catering staff, namely Sally and Liz Timothy, had a queue waiting for the
bacon rolls and coffee which resembled the January sales in Swansea.
A big thank you to the girls, especially Liz for handling all those bacon
rolls despite being a vegetarian. The rolls and coffee were great.
Many thanks to all those members who turned up and helped with the
setup on the Sunday. It makes a lot of difference on the day.
The weather gods seemed determined to keep us on pins. When we got
home early on Sunday evening, we were treated to a serious downpour
which lasted long enough to cause serious concern for the condition of
the ground in the park, along with further rain during the night. Would
people turn up? Would it be a swamp?
Classic car folk are generally made of sterner stuff than most and
watching the forecast for the Bank Holiday and most of the entries turned
up on the day which turned out dry and bright albeit a bit cool to start
with. Well it was at 6am putting up extra signs up ahead of the rush.
This year we split the entries more evenly between the three entry gates,
which appears to have improved the flow of cars into the park with less
queues developing. At least that was the plan. However it does depend on
the IQ of the owner and their ability to read the pass received from us,
which this year had a map of the relevant entry gate on the reverse along
with a prompt on the front stating that the map was on the reverse. As
they say, Ďthereís nowt so queer as folk!!í Some of them really worked
hard at being queer! We had entrants in the public carpark, driving
around and around the streets. We even had some vainly following a
classic which was just as confused as they were, who eventually stopped
to ask those cars behind if they knew right the way!!!

The Autojumblers did well.                                                                 Light blue touch paper and retire??

It got a lot busier in the afternoon.                                                       Gordonís WWll Willys

To save it being a dull day for us, the Army brought along two massive
eight-wheelers for their recruitment stand. The only problem we had was
that they had been incorrectly guided to their correct spot. Keith and I
bravely stepped out in front of the lead monster to point out the error of
their ways. A quick command from the officer in charge and the first
vehicle did a military version of a three point turn (many points!) and
went back the way they had come. Vehicle two was guided by a slightly
less gifted being, who, for reasons known only to him, set off down the
hill towards the main gate with itís oncoming traffic. The intention being
to turn around in a bigger area. That was the last we saw of them for
ages. So long in fact that the officer type came marching up to us to find
out what had gone on. We calmly stated that the missing vehicle was last
seen driving down the hill, never to be seen again. It didnít go down well
but we didnít have anything to do with the idiot. It was a long time
before he re-appeared in a rather muddy condition, having been
instructed to get himself out of his self inlicted mess pronto! His boss
was not amused. Keith and I were though. SHVR 1 Ė Army 0.
I would like to say a big thank you to all the members who helped out
manning the various gates and those who acted as marshals ushering the
cars into their correct parking areas on the day.
Without all you volunteers the club would not be able to run the show at
all. Thank you all.