Established 1976


Every year we put on and run the Bank Holiday classic day out in
Singleton Park, and every year we are assisted by members of the Swansea
Sea Cadets and their officers. Without their help in manning the carpark,
and assisting with getting the cars into the park and off the roads, we
would be very hard pressed to manage to find sufficient people to fill the
various positions.
Unlike the Army or RAF cadet forces, the Sea cadet unit relies on
charitable donations for their survival as an operational group. Over the
years that they have been helping us in the park, both SHVR and Studtís
Fairground have made a joint donation to the cadets as reward for their
assistance on the day. They face a sometimes abusive public who consider
it their right to take out their bad mood on the young cadets whenever they
feel like. Despite this treatment, they always provide a good number of
cadets each year. Although this year, with some changes in the layout of
the carpark, the cadets have not had to endure so much abuse.
In appreciation of their help with this yearís show, the donation cheque
was presented to the assembled cadets at their headquarters at the end of
their closing flag ceremony by committee members on behalf of the club.
The cheque presentation was handled by Neil Price as Chairman for the
evening. He was the best dressed out of all of us at the time!

Cadets and Officers of Sea Cadets.

Chairmaní Neil presents the cheque.



May bank Holiday, it has to be time for another Classic Car Show in the Park,

SHVRís annual display of cars and auto jumble in Singleton. This yearís show was a mixture of good, bad and indifferent, just for a change.
The good? The Council had actually cut the grass; a bit late in one way because the long grass from the last two years had already cost us the entries from a number of clubs, meaning numbers were down before we started.
The indifferent? The weather prospects were not very good, depending on which forecast you listened to. Would this mean that people would not turn up with their pride and joys?
The bad? We received a number of complaints about the younger element with the modified cars.
Saturday wasnít too bad weather-wise, but as we werenít sure about the trailer being available, we cancelled the working party and Jeff, Keith and myself loaded the signage and bit and pieces from the garage into Jeffís tail-hoist van ready for the Sunday
Sunday was wet, did I mention rain? We had a good turnout of helpers despite the best that grumpy mother nature could throw at us, which meant that the setting up was not too arduous for those with waterproof clothing. For those who thought they had waterproofs but didnít, it was a slightly different matter, although everyone stuck at it and we were finished a lot quicker than I expected. Thank you each of you that helped in the miserably wet weather with a smile and a joke. SHVR-1, Grumpy weather-0.
The forecast for the bank holiday was equally as bleak as we finished putting up the final signage, but yet again we had a good turnout of helpers in the morning to get the cars and auto jumblers in off the road and into their correct places. Surprisingly a good number of cars and auto jumblers did turn up luckily for us and the visitors brave enough to walk around the soggy park.
Thanks to our hospitality unit, members had a shelter to shield them from the rain. The early birds getting the best spots away from the doors.

As if to make amends for all the rain, the sun finally made an appearance and things quickly began to dry up, soothing the odd exhibitor who earlier on had wanted to go home early. The crowds improved which was good for the traders and jumblers and many of the car owners got out the chamois and polish to clean up after the mucky start to the show.
Unfortunate for those hoping to make the show pay for their day out but a bit of a recovery later in the day. It was the first wet show for some time, but I hope it hasnít put people off coming next year, although that could depend on the Councilís actions next year. It is beginning to feel as if they donít really want any shows or events in Singleton Park anymore, as they make it more difficult and expensive to put the show together.

Watch this space