Established 1976

Every year the Swansea Sea Cadets help us with the Singleton show and
man the carpark for us, putting up with the often aggressive drivers who
canít or wonít wait for anything, and being young people they handle it
quite well. Certainly, without their help we would be unable to handle that
side of the event as we do not have the number of helpers to cope with a
full day in the carpark.
The Cadets are a charitable organisation and do not receive any permanent
funding other than through donations. Swansea Historic Vehicle Register
and Studtís Fairs have always given a donation between them. This is
usually presented at their headquarters in Swansea Marina at the end of
their evening Colours Parade, but this year we thought it would make a
nice change to make the presentation on a club night so that our members
could see what takes place for a change.

CPO Sanders receives the donation . Some of the younger cadets join in.

A group of younger cadets were brought along to our clubnight to see our
side of things and meet our members and see where we meet for our
monthly gatherings.
Unfortunately they could not stay for the evening; they had to get back to
their headquarters for their closing Colours ceremony, so they missed the
sandwiches later in the evening and didnít get to have any drinks with any
of our members.
They have promised to help us again with this yearís Singleton show, so
the carpark is in experienced, albeit young, hands again.