Established 1976


Swansea Historic Vehicle Register members were invited to join in with
Swansea Motor Club on their club night at the Dunvant RFC for a car show
in the area adjacent to the clubhouse on the 6th of June. The response from
our members was superb with ten cars adding to the competition cars and
others. Before the evening darkened, the car park was full of cars on
display. Unfortunately there were few if any members of the public in
attendance other than locals who came along for a look to see what all of
these cars were up to.

A pleasant evening for a show.

Gertie and friend got nearest to the bar!

Competition and classics together.

Starting on a middle row to fit them in.

A good night to chat with friends on a summerís night and a good turnout
of cars for the members of Swansea Motor Club. Thanks for the invitation
Neil. Perhaps we can do another joint effort between the clubs again?