Established 1976

The Swansea City centre car show was resurected by the Swansea
Business Improvement District (BID). Entry forms were advertised online
for the show to takplace on Sunday the 17th of June, Fathers Day, as before
when the show was organised by Ashley Lovering. Apparently, they also
ran into a degree of Council conditions and requirements as before. Our
illustrious Council inmates still cannot get their heads around promoting
our town and generating business without making a song and dance about
everything. Oh for some intelligent councillors and civil servants in
County Hall.
Unfortunately Mother Nature was as moody as the council and she
produced a rainy day for all to enjoy. This obviously had a large impact on
the number of vehicles on display. What a pity that all that effort put into
getting the show off the ground should be rewarded by poor weather.
Perhaps next year will be different, who Knows?

A nicely turned out Gilbern Invader  A rare Hillman Husky commercial.

A less than waterproof MG TD!

Older busses are always interesting.