Established 1976


Despite the somewhat iffy weather with drizzle to add insult to injury.
We managed to scrape seven cars together to make the trek to the
St.Fagans show, that is, with the proviso that if it is raining when we get
there, we come home.
We had a similar situation last year, rubbish start to the journey but the
day turned out hot and sunny. Hopefully history would repeat itself and
we would be alright. Our luck seemed to be in, the weather dried up and
it got slightly brighter. Weíre staying! We managed to park up together,
which meant we could keep an eye on each otherís car if needed.
Sadly, like Singleton, the weather seemed to have put off a number of
classic owners aswell as some traders. The display areas were light on
cars and the traders were rather limited. At least I couldnít buy any car
bits that I donít need, thus keeping Mrs.Jones happy.

SHVR on parade on a grey day.

 Typical security watchman!

Cool enough to light the fire.

 Car boot sale not going too well?