Established 1976


July and St. Faganís, sunny and warm pleasant to be out? Not the way it
started. We left home to meet up with the others at the Bagel Brook in
Port Talbot early Sunday morning. In the rain! What did the forecast say
again? Driving along the Jersey Marine road, the rain abated and the day
brightened up. It was going to be all right after all.
Pulling into the pub car park, Patrick and Kevin were already there and
the weather was looking ok. Once Keith and Dennis and Neil arrived we
were ready to set off. Patrick had developed a bad cold and sounded
dreadful on the phone, he wouldnít make it. We set off along the M4
towards Cardiff and the drizzle started. The drizzle became rain and more
Driving in convoy, we were keeping a sedate pace due to the visibility
and the fact that early demisters, even on an MGB, were no match for the
wet and humid conditions. Unfortunately the number of trucks these days
that are speed governed, meant that we were driving in a real haze.
Unlike the chap in a Morgan, hood down, cap firmly on and flat out in
the outside lane, who passed everything in sight as if on a sunny day.
Discussions were ongoing with the boss as to whether we would carry on
or turn for home, not wanting to sit in the confines of the car, in the rain,
all day long with a restless hound. Having agreed to go all the way and
review the rain situation at the Museum, turned out to be the right move.
The rain went elsewhere to play and left us with a sunny and warming
day. Result!
Arriving together meant we could park up together, that gave us the
chance to set up the chairs and tables in a group and enjoy the day having
a good old natter. Gromit even had her own sun shelter to hide in, but in
true canine fashion, she was too nosey to stay in it for long. People had
food, surely they wouldnít eat it all without passing some her way would
There seemed to be more cars entered this year, with each field full of
vehicles of all types and sizes and ages. There were also a good number
of visitors to the Museum itself.


Neil tells Pinky about the cars.                              Gromit hides from the sun, for a while!

Nash Metropolitanís unusual roof.                              Talbot 10 hpís conventional hood.

Shiny PA Cresta. Not many about.                                Dragon emblazoned Morgan duo.

A popular show which appears to get bigger each year, which gives the
opportunity to wander around the various exhibit buildings as well as the
cars on display. And sunshine to boot! If you like going to shows, give it
a try.