Established 1976


Every year we benefit from the help that the Swansea Sea Cadets give our
club at the Singleton Show. They man the car parking in the grounds of the
school and help out with siteing the cars in the park first thing.
This assistance is essential in the running of the show on the day. Without
their help we would be unable to hold the show, we do not have the
manpower available to be able to replace them with our own people.
The Cadets are funded purley by charitable donations, they do not receive
any money from government or the council. In return for their help, SHVR
and Studts Fairgrounds make a donation to them at their training
headquarters on the Marina, to enable the cadets to see proof that their
efforts are actually a benefit to them.
A number of the committee members attended their facility and made the
presentation to their Commanding Officer after their Colours ceremony at
the end of the evening.


Following on from the presentation, the committee beat a hasty retreat in
case we were press-ganged into Her Majesty’s Navy, oldies squadron.
Hopefully we can count on their continued support for next year and many
more to come.