Established 1976


The annual Pembroke Run is still organised by Jeff & Sian Edwards and
has been for the last 21 years, a remarkable achievement considering his
personal health problems over the years and a tribute to his enthusiasm.
Keith and I have supported the event for years and have never ceased to be
amazed at the interest it generates around the whole county. Regardless of
the weather, those living on the route gather outside their houses to wave at
all of the vehicles every year and those locals on the road during the run,
show a remarkable patience with the large number of cars which
participate in the event. It is such a pity that Swansea Council does not
support these sorts of events with such enthusiasm. They choose to hinder
rather than assist, as much as they can.
We left Swansea with the tops down and set off for Pembroke. The nearer
we got, the darker the clouds, yet the forecast was for a dry day. As with
our Carmarthen show, Mother Nature chose to ignore the forecast and
proceeded to test our resolve with some light drizzle. The more we ignored
the drizzle, the heavier it became until we neared Haverfordwest where it
wasn’t quite so bad. We arrived at the assembly point and parked up ready
to go and register. Luckily we had put the hoods up as the rain returned
with a touch of permanence. We slipped into the hanger with the
autojumble for a bit of shelter and to keep our bacon baps dry as we had
breakfast. It was going to be a soggy day by the looks of it with no breaks
in the cloud, just grey and sullen skies.

A recently restored Alfa getting wet. Chrome by the sq. yard on this Buick
Standard have chrome by the inch!  Stainless steel doesn’t mind the rain.
Just some of the cars taking part.  Big and hairy, the bars are all LED lights

By the time the start of the run was due, the rain had settled in for the day
and any convertibles were latched, clipped or zipped as watertight as they
could be, us included. Our problem was that we were wet before we got
into the car and this made the interior damp, which was not good for
keeping the glass condensation free.
As I mentioned above, the locals really support this road run and today was
no exception, there were people out under umbrellas, people sitting in
parked cars on the side of the road and a number of photographers along
the route. We followed the route around the course and passing through
Newgale, there is a camping field on the right as you come down the hill
and a number of the unhappy campers were packing up and folding very
soggy tents. We stayed or route until we came into Goodwick where Sally
and I decided we were wet enough and headed for home on the main road.
Keith and Celia were ere brave enough to follow the route to the finish. Well
done to them.