established 1976


There was a lot of interest in this yearís run around the Pembrokeshire
countryside from members, so we decided to all meet up at the services
and travel down in convoy.
There were six cars making the journey, meeting at 9.20am to leave about
9.30, with Gil Mount meeting us there. We were about to leave when the
Turners little four legged passenger had a bit of an accident on the back
seat. Not a problem, the run doesnít normally get going until reasonably
Slightly late we left on our journey west. Patrick and Dennis had their
hoods down to enjoy the fresh air. Well they did until just before Nanty
Caws when it started to drizzle. Like all true classic drivers, they carried on
topless albeit probably muttering under their breath at the weather.
Other than the wet spell, the journey down was quite pleasant and we duly
arrived at the Showgrounds just in time to see all the cars leaving for the
run. It was a bit like driving the wrong way down a one-way street. They
wanted to leave; we wanted to get into the showground. Luckily the
marshals managed to feed us in carefully. This year they started early! A
swift signing on and fitting rally plates was followed by a sharp exit of the
showgrounds in hot pursuit of the rest of the cars.
We caught up with some tail-enders at Newgale and followed the route to
the lunch halt at the Shire Horse Centre. There were more cars there this
year, suggesting a bigger entry than before. It is a popular event with
classic owners.
I say there were a lot of cars there that is until we arrived. No sooner had
we parked up and got the picnics out, then the cars started to leave on the
second half of the run. Iím sure we didnít smell that bad!
We were determined to make the most of the day and settled down to our
alfresco lunch en masse. Dennis took advantage of the rest halt to sort out a
reluctant brake light on his Consul convertible shouting at Patrick to press
the brake pedal after a spell of poking and prodding in the depths of the
cavernous boot. It is surprising how a bulb can fool you into thinking that
you have solved the problem. As soon as you close the boot and turn off
the ignition, the mischievous little tungsten devil goes back to being non
co-operative, requiring a repeat delving and prodding session. Thatís
classic life for you.

I know youíre in there, here I come.

Now you see it, now you donít!

 They have had their Riley for 46 years

A restored Talbot sets off on route.

 I wouldnít want to put the fuel in that!

After a very pleasant lunch with friends, it was time to set off on the
second leg of the run and the finish back at the Pembroke County
Showground. Need I say we were the last cars yet again? Why break a
good habit?
We stopped off on the way home at a pub we had used before on the way
home from Pendine. On the opposite side of the road to the pub entrance
was a Mondeo wrapped in Police tape that had suffered a head-on
collision. Strange to see two in one day, we had come across a modern
Mini that had suffered the same fate earlier in the morning.
A good day out with good friends and rounded off with good food at the
end of the day.