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This year drive it day was a complete mystery to us. We were not doing the route and as such we were entrants rather than organisers. John and Anita had put a route together and organised the finish venue.


Thanks once again to the persuasive Roger Gale, we were able to use the Dylan Thomas Square area for the cars to line up outside the Tramway Centre – top down I might add!


Before we all got ready for the off. Joe Boatwright earned a few brownie points by giving Lynne a surprise bunch of flowers for her birthday. We spared her the choral tradition for such occasions, due to a lack of talent in the assembled members.


Being a classic car event in Swansea, the weather was a bit overcast, but not too cold. However, as the start time drew nearer, the spots started to fall. Determined to use the car ‘alfresco’ we left the start with the top down. It wasn’t heavy, so there.


Driving out onto Fabian Way and on towards Jersey Marine, we had overheard John priming Patrick Burns with an idea of where the route went, which was just as well, we realised that despite paying our entry fee we had not been given a route-book! Luckily, there was to be a meeting in the carpark at Jersey Marine to make sure everyone was on route before starting off on the rest of the run. Armed at last with a road-book my Sat-Wife was ready for the off. That was after the hood was erected, the rain deciding to fall properly in typical April fashion and spoiling the open-air motoring.


After joining the A465 towards Neath, we took the old road towards Resolven and Glyn Neath. A quiet road these days so little traffic, but the council is letting the road surface deteriorate in places which is a pity as it is a picturesque road.


On past the Angel Inn, much used in the past, then on over the mountain roads and off towards Sennybridge and Pontsenni and linking with the A40 towards Llandovery and Trecastle and some more fun roads, before heading to Ystradgynlais along the main road. At this point my Sat-Wife shut down and like all good computers, went to sleep!! Her excuse was that I knew where I was and where we were going to. Hard to argue with that, so I turned into the carpark at the Butchers Arms in Alltwen ready for lunch. The carpark was full before we got there. It was bursting by the time we added to it. Luckily SHVR members are good at squeezing cars into small gaps.


Thanks to John and Anita for putting together a good route and finding a venue on a Sunday that would take us all. A good couple of hours in nice countryside and finished off with a good meal with a good crowd of friends. A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


Unfortunately Drive it Day has become more popular with a lot clubs lately and some of our members, officials of other clubs, were unable to participate in our run on the day. You were missed, but I hope you had as good a day as we did. Can’t wait for next year’s Drive it Day.


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