Established 1976


The August pub run was changed to a lunch run this month, to enable us to
go further afield than normal and to meet up with Mike and Pam
Worthington-Williams in Cenarth.
In view of the change of format for August, invitations were sent out to all
members to join us in the trip. We felt that as Mike cannot readily make
the journey to Swansea these days, it was about time we went to see him.
Mike had recommended the Three Horseshoes in Cenarth as a suitable
venue, so contact was made and they were happy to book nearly all of their
tables for us. Pretty good going considering most pubs have a full day of
lunches on a Sunday and they did not know us at all.
Unusually for a lunch run, we had a good response to the invitations,
meaning we had to ask for a few more bodies to be squeezed in. The
landlady agreed but did say she was now full as far anymore diners went.
We all met up at the Pont Abraham services as usual and made our way in
convoy along the main roads. We decided not to have a scenic road run in
view of the distance and the need to get there at a reasonable time for them
to be able to serve lunch to all of us.

The Three Horseshoes Cenarth.

 We filled the main dining room.

Most of the cars arrived en-bloc but unlike a lot of hostelry’s, this did not
seem to faze the staff at all who took it all in their stride. With menu
choices made, we didn’t have to wait long before the meals started to
appear and the room went quiet as the hungry horde concentrated on the
After everyone had finished their meal. A small presentation was made to
Mike W.W. to mark the 40th anniversary of the club and for all Mike’s help
and generosity to the club over the years.
Our dastardly duo, Patrick Pattison and Jeff Robbins, had obtained a
picture that looked very much like Mike’s beloved Austin ‘Arthur’, a car
that many members will remember fondly as a genuine Oily Rag but well
maintained car which was a regular at Singleton and Kinsale and most club
nights. Being a resourceful pair, they also managed to get the picture
signed by none other than Sir Stirling Moss at the Bicester Heritage Centre
during the Flywheel weekend they attended.

Mike W.W. with ‘Arthur’ lookalike.

 A very accommodating legend.

There is a small bar in the carpark area where the ever knowledgeable
M.W.W. caught me with a piece of history on display. “What is the
automotive connection to the large bellows over there?” Mike enquired.
After a short time I answered that it was a blacksmith’s tool from a forge.
I was swiftly corrected by the maestro. “It was made by the Alldays &
Onions Company. An engineering firm that had made the Alldays &
Onions motor cars, an example of which is owned by our own Johnny and
Chris Thomas and which Johnny kindly used to carry a young couple from

the church to their reception 46 years ago.