Established 1976

Llanelli Retrofest 2014

Swansea Historic Vehicle Register must be a name that is heard in high
places. First of all we were approached by Carmarthen Town Council
asking for a car show in their park. Now we were being contacted by the
Llanelli Chamber of Commerce wanting to know if we could provide
vehicles for a town centre display. The only problem being, there was not
a lot of time to do it and not a lot of space first time. Luckily SHVR is
made of stern stuff and rose to the challenge. Classic cars tout de suite?
No problem!
Well no problem if anyone is available. A few ‘phone calls later and we
had enough cars promised to fulfil the brief.

The day started off a bit cool but the weather improved as the day went
on. We even had to watch a BBC production being made early in the
morning with Alex Jones from the ‘One Show’ making a program on her
ancestry. Not that our lot minded watching her.


The organisers were very pleased with our efforts on their behalf and are
looking to repeat the shows on a regular basis with our club. Watch this
space for more news.