Established 1976


On a recent trip to North Wales, we called in to the Motor Museum at
Llangollen. I had read about it but had never been in a position to go there.
We found the museum alongside the canal in a semi-secluded spot. The
entry fee is not extortionate, even better when you are an oldie and get the
lower rate. Bonus! The only bad bit was the chap didnít ask us whether we
qualified; we must have looked suitably worn as we approached the desk.
It is a small museum but it has some good exhibits on show and a good
selection of books, some reference, some for sale although I was ordered
not to come out with any of them. There was an exhibit from my past, in
the form of a rocket powered Kart. Having been a keen Karter in my youth,
I had read about the speed attempts and of the earlier single rocket attempt
and the later version. It ran on liquid oxygen and nitrous oxide. Wow!
A lot quicker than ours could go and how.

A rocket powered Kart, very rare. The business end. Donít get too close!
Ex-Motorshow Ford Prefect display unit . A compact display of vehicles of all types

Worth a visit? Yes but it needs a good clean up and a bit of TLC.