Established 1976

If you ever have the opportunity to attend a Land Rover off road
experience don't hesitate, go you won't regret it.
Last year I bought a new car, a Landrover Discovery and a half day off
road experience was included. I booked a course for May this year and
Alison and I decided to make a long weekend of it.
The centre that we attended was Eastnor Castle near Ledbury which is also
used as a Land Rover development centre.

Our experience was due to start at 1pm for 3 hours. We duly arrived,
signed in and met our instructor and after a coffee we went outside to start
our drive. The car we used was (except for the colour and automatic)
exactly the same as our car; it was total standard including the tyres.
After a discussion with our instructor we were off and into the woods.
We were amazed by how the Landrover was able to cross over what
appeared to be impassable terrain and obstacles. We then returned to the
start where it was my turn to drive the course.
I took the wheel with some reservation wondering if I could get round the
course, but our instructor and the car were excellent and I thoroughly
enjoyed my drive through the course.
As we progressed the tracks became muddier, steeper both up and down
with boulders, tree roots and water filled holes. We then came to the manmade
obstacles, a flight of steps, water 2 foot deep, across ridges balanced
on 2 wheels with 45 degree slopes, boulder crawl again on 2 wheels and a
steep slope with rollers on one side and then back to the start.

We then went to a different part of the estate where Alison took over
driving through rutted, sloping water filled holes on a woodland track. We
also passed some of the tracks used by Land Rover for testing new
vehicles, they were very steep not for the faint hearted.
The ability of the car to drive over and through these obstacles was
amazing, especially as they are standard factory vehicles.
We then went back to the centre for a debriefing, coffee and biscuits before
heading to Montgomery for 2 nights and a visit to Powis Castle, the Clive
of India exhibition was worth the visit by itself.
Howard Spence