Established 1976


Gnoll Show 2014

Skewen Motor Club organisers must have been holding their collective
breaths for most of the week preceding this year’s show. The forecast
was dire to say the least with Bertha racing across the Atlantic
determined to spoil as many peoples weekend as possible. I must admit, I
was still dubious on Sunday morning with the changing sky teasing and
threatening in equal measure. Buoyed by a bright patch, I rang Keith and
we agreed to give it a go. We could always turn around and come home
if it got too bad on the way. As it turned out, it did rain a bit but not
enough to deter either of us. We arrived at the entrance to the park much
to the relief of the poor marshals on duty, thanking us for making the
effort. There was a choice of parking spots left by those who had decided
against braving the forecast rain.
We did have to sit in our cars a few times, but other than that it was
actually a nice day allowing us to get out and about a meet other owners.
Ted Purcell and Gil Mount also made the effort and we all had a chat and
a look around in-between moody Bertha and her sprinkler system.
Plenty of space to choose from. Overactive carpenter owner?
There was an interesting Rover 75 next to Gil. It had not only been made
into a pick-up, it had had all the brightwork removed and replaced with
bespoke wooden versions (door handles, side molding’s, grille and hub
centres), talk  about an obsession. A pity about the
weather, but on the whole, still a good day out and a
chance to catch up with some friends.