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Like a lot of events this year, the annual show in Gnoll Park opened to a
grey and cool day just like we had in Singleton. Perhaps Mother Nature has
gone off classic cars this year, as we have not been overly blessed with hot
sunny events for our weekend enjoyment.
Although there were a reasonable number of cars and trader stands, people
didn’t appear to be sitting around and relaxing the way they would on a
sunny day, there was a bit of a nip in the air, and I don’t mean a member of
the Japanese Airforce! At least it was dry and we could wander around the
auto jumble. It always amazes me at shows, how many auto jumblers don’t
look after their stock. It gets rustier and dirtier as the year goes on. If they
only cleaned it up a bit, it would probably sell. Keith and I had a good look
around the bits on offer but managed to refrain from adding to our
respective garages stock!

A good number of cars made the effort.  Washer bottle aquarium.

One Humber did catch my eye though. It was parked with the bonnet up to
show the tidied engine bay, but the Lucas washer bottle had been turned
into a small aquarium, complete with sand on the bottom and small plastic
fishes ‘swimming’ around. A bit different from the normal blue washer
fluid found in most cars and definitely not the usual Humber fitting. The
kids loved it, obviously an owner with a sense humour.
Our TF was parked with the roof down with Keith and Patrick’s open cars
for company. I take it the Seagull that ‘blessed’ the centre console on our
car had a grudge against blue MGs!