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The Gnoll,  Skewen Classic Car Club  2015

Skewen Classic Car Club  had arranged an informal meet as the show that they had organised in August had been the victim of seriously bad weather which had caused the show to be cancelled. When we arrived we were surprised to find that at least a few hundred cars had turned up to support the event, a big round of applause to Skewen Classic Car Club for organising this event at such short notice and also to those who turned up to support it.
There were about 20 auto jumble/car boot stalls in attendance and a very large number of the general public turned to see the cars on show,

It was a great day out in the sun in a fantastic setting.

Ron van Heeswijk’s study in red

Neil goes home the easy way.

Just like the film said ‘if you build it they will come.’ and so it was with
the re-run of the rained off of the Gnoll show.Despite the date being late in the year, the gamble by the Skewen clubpaid off with a large number of cars making the effort to support the clubfor their hard work. The weather gods were being slightly kind, with alternating sun and cloud but with a chilly wind blowing across the park.
However classic car people are made of stern stuff and most got out thechairs and enjoyed the day. Some more than others as you will find out.We had a good turn out from the club with more than a dozen cars in
total. A number of us met up at the layby on Jersey Marine and went inas a group. One who did not was poor old Neil. His Midget’s clutch hydraulics having decided that incontinence was the order of the day,
forcing him to limp the car straight to the park and worry about gettinghome later on.
There were a small number trade stands to wander around witheverything from toys to autojumble to keep the visitors busy. It alwaysamazes me how some autojumblers take so little care of their goods,
when all that is needed is a few minutes spent tidying or cleaning thevarious bits on show which would make them actually saleable, after all,they have to pay for the pitch.That aside it was a pleasant day out, although the temperature did tempt anumber of exhibitors to leave just after lunch. It’s not just Singleton that
has the problem with early leavers!!


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