Established 1976


I know itís an age thing, but events come around faster every year. It only
feels like a few weeks ago we were all at the Pont Abraham services for
the last run. This year it was a bit more winter like, I know, it is April after
all and it is supposed to be wetish now and then. We were lucky that the
day was dry to start off and the gathered members and friends enjoyed a
natter and catch-up with each other.
Mike Palmer put on a raffle in aid of the Millie Appeal to which every
entrant was given a free ticket. The rain held off until the raffle was
concluded and the cars started out on the chosen route. By the time we left
at the tail end, it was raining. Luckily Sally had nagged me to put the hood
up, we could have had a seriously damp interior had we not have done so.
The route took the participants towards Ammanford and though
Glanamman and on to Gwaun-Cae-Gerwen to turn up towards Brynamman
and the mountain road over to the A4069 towards Llangadog and Myddfai
and on towards Sennybridge before turning back towards Swansea on the
A4067 and a short drive to the Gwyn Arms, our lunch and route stop.
We had been concerned by the sinkhole which had opened up on the A40
just outside Llandovery, but the expected tailbacks did not materialise.
When we arrived, we were surprised to see Ted Purcellís Riley Lynx in the
carpark. The new owner and some friends were out for a day on the road
from Worcester and stopped for lunch. It was nice to catch up with the new
owner and his friends. They obviously enjoy using their cars a lot, and
none of them had their hoods up!

And the first number is??

 Tedís old Riley beat us all to the pub.