Established 1976


Contrary to comments made that there would be no more show at the
Dinefwr Park site during last year’s event. There has been a change of
management and a change of heart in the National Trust at the park.
Although this show is to be a taster for the new manager, to show what
can be done without harming the grounds.
Unfortunately the weather played a part in a reasonable number of
vehicles not turning up after studying the forecast, but if you have a long
way to come from it’s understandable. This was a pity as perversely the
weather turned out to be warm and sunny and the ground was firm with
no problems encountered with driving on the grass.
The show was given the Saturday date as it coincided with the estate’s
open Heritage Day. Although the feeling was that the usual Sunday show
would have been better for the exhibitors. It did mean we could take
advantage of their ‘hidden view’ tour of the main house, and good it was
too, with a good number of members taking advantage of the offer. We
even got to go up on the roof. Health and Safety eat your heart out!
The young lady, who attempted to show our group around in an orderly
fashion, had her work cut out from the start. Rather funny how trouble
makers seem to group together! However, the young lady did a good job
and was very well versed on the history of both the house and its changes
aswell as the families who have lived there over the years.

Form an orderly line, well almost.                              David & Stuart chose the upper circle

Pay attention, I will say this only once.                          They had a kitchen & a brewery!

Single file only to the roof.                                       SHVR let loose on the roof..

Stuart and Pat wave to us on the roof.                       They look like Dinky toys on the lawn.

A small turnout for Brian and his team, but hopefully it will have
convinced the National Trust’s manager that Dinefwr is a good venue for
a carshow, as well as a good source of extra revenue for the house on the
day. We will wait and see what unfolds.