Established 1976

Coracle Run 2015


This year’s Festival of Transport road run from Bracelet Bay was to have
a new finishing point following on from the problems encountered on the
previous year’s road run to Laugharne and it’s one and only congested
through road which caused a heated exchange between classic car owners
and a number of unhappy locals and a blocked main road.
Using a different route for the first time meant that a number of
participants would be seeing scenery and using roads many of them had
not been on before. The run took the various entrants up through
Fforestfach towards Penllegaer before turning towards Pontlliw, already
new territory to some after being used to the coastal route to Carmarthen.
The route used the corner cutting Llanedi road to come out on the A483
Tycroes/Ammanford road, following the main road towards Llandeilo
and the A40 to Carmarthen. It was just a short distance along the A40
that the slight drizzle that had made one or two appearances so far,
decided to get serious and turned into a rather heavy precipitation, as the
weathermen say, prompting a number of topless cars to pull up sharply
and hurriedly erect their neatly folded hoods. A pity really, they would
have looked better to the spectating town’s folk, arriving all nice and
open and shiny.
A bit of confusion occurred as we queued up the hill to the Council
Offices carpark. The marshal on duty duly waved Sally and I off in the
direction of a different car parking area in the town centre. Unfortunately,
having been told to follow the car in front, we ended back on the main
road heading back the way we had just travelled. This gave certain
members the chance to yell from the high levels of the Council carpark,
“Wrong way, you should be up here!” Have you ever tried to look out of
a relatively small driver’s window to see the people doing the yelling
who are a good 60/70 feet above you? I still have the crick in my neck!
Having turned around at the next roundabout and made our way back to
the carpark entrance we were originally turned away from, this time the
same marshal ushered us into the entrance previously barred. Perhaps we
looked different this time around. Who knows?
The cars were parked around the walls in a display of classic cars circling
the Council building. There were other display throughout the town
centre in pedestrian precincts and other cleared areas for the shoppers to
wander around and admire the assembled classics.

Car park with a view over the Towy.

Coracles were also on display.

The Veteran quarter was popular.

How many parking bays?????!!
The shoppers had a good display of vehicles to distract them from their
normal trudge around the shops in the various locations used by the
council and lots of phone cameras were brought out to record their
individual favourites. Old cars do make people happy, despite what a
minority would have you believe.
The day ended with a sunny procession of classic cars thought the centre
precincts and out onto the main road for the journey home. Well done
Carmarthen and all who were involved in the event. The only downside?
The shops were open!