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Club Night BBQ 2018

n view of the wet weather we had on the weekend, we were a little
apprehensive about the bar-b-q for clubnight. Luckily the weather was a bit
better but not good enough to sit outside to eat. Chris and his team from
the Dunvant Club were geared up for an evening in the main bar and were
going to serve the food direct from the kitchen to save us queuing outside
as we have done with previous bar-b-q’s.
A good number of eager diners turned up as always, the bar-b-q seems to
be a popular evening, although we were missing a reasonable number of
regulars due to other commitments.
As soon as the raffle draw was made and the lucky ticket holders had a
chance to collect their booty, the diners queued up table by table for their
food. There was a choice of burger, chicken, hotdog, chips and salad items.
Or, if you chose to, you could have some of everything in one go. Being
down on normal numbers, the kitchen staff were soon offering seconds
with a chance of thirds later on. Everyone had a good meal that’s for sure.
Unfortunately for Adrian, his birthday was made public and we all sang
Happy Birthday to him, much to his embarrassment and much out of tune.
I doubt we would collectively win a singing prize but we tried.

A safety conscious number of candles! Happy birthday Adrian. Where’s my bit?

Thanks to everyone for making it an enjoyable evening and thanks to
Adrian for sharing his cake and masking his embarrassment so well. For
those of you that missed the evening, you will have to wait for next year!