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Following on from the positive response to our delayed celebration last year. The decision was made to carry on the new tradition and to have the club ‘Christmas’ party in January, as most members seem to like the more relaxed atmosphere without the stress of the pre-Christmas period on peoples time and ability to fit everything in usual at that time of year.


As before, John and Anita came well prepared to get everyone up and joining in the game. Ever member had half of a famous name stuck on to their back. The plan being to see which couple could find the correct ‘other half’ first. Chaos reigned supreme as members spun each other around to read the labels each had on their back. After subjecting the partygoers to group molestation, John put them all out of their misery by telling them who each should be looking for to pair-up name-wise.


During the buffet many were to be seen studiously pouring over the quiz sheets distributed earlier, despite the quiz only being a bit of fun and without a prize for the most correct answers.


The raffle, as always, was well supported. Amongst the many prizes were S.U. T-shirts, and being the SHVR it was not long before talk turned to a wet T-shirt competition, as reported by Roger Gale below.


Christmas decorations !

Well the January Christmas Party went excellently yet again, though hats 

were in short supply! As proof (not that it is needed in the slightest) that

Bills raffles are always fair, the cunning plan of two members who shall 

remain nameless - but to protect the guilty we will merely mention them as Peff and Jatrick - that Veronica should win one of the t-shirts, so she

could then enter the 'wet t-shirt competition' that the aforementioned duo had just thought of, fell (if you'll pardon the expression !) flat, as she

didn't win either of them ! 

She said that in any case she had a cold, but our enterprising duo had the answer...they'd use warm water ! Well the best laid plans don't always succeed, but as it was (but wasn't) Christmas, she thought a photo for this edition might be a consolation prize...


This year the catering was carried out by the Dunvant RFC as opposed to the outside caterer used last time. The general consensus was that the food was better than before.


The aforementioned raffle was well supported by the members, who generously donated loads of prizes, which meant that poor old John was calling out ticket numbers for ages. We’ll have to buy him some throat lozenges for next year!


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