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Carmarthen Show 2018

Our Carmarthen show had a good number of entries and selection of
different vehicles to entertain the visitors, there was a small fair for the
kids, a championship Rugby match to be held at 1.30, along with a
Caribbean steel band. What a day out for the locals to choose from.
The day started out cloudy but dry as we set out the signs around the park
and road junctions. We should be looking at a good day out.
Following a hot coffee and bacon butty breakfast we waited for the first of
the cars to turn up. Did I feel a bit of drizzle? As the cars started to turn up,
we were soon busy parking them all up when along came Marryl Bradley
in her Triumph Herald estate, It was nice to see Marryl out and about after
all this time. We soon had cars parked all around the boundary fence and
along up to the fair rides. It was going to be a good show despite the
cloudy day. I spoke too soon as the drizzle came back and became quite
heavy for a while but then cleared up, fingers crossed.

Keith is still smiling despite the rain. Geoff Thomas’s ‘new’ 1936 Ford Coupe

Unfortunately the rain decided to return and stay with us for the majority
of the day, although in fairness most exhibitors stayed with us until late
afternoon, those with a longer journey home started to leave first but we
had a good display until quite late, some of the owners watched the rugby
match before calling it a day. Why couldn’t it have been like last year, with
all the activities going on it would have been a cracking day out for
everyone, but like a lot of other events have been we were unlucky on the