Established 1976


Formed 300 years ago in 1717, the world of Freemasonry is celebrating its
Tercentenary with a number of events. One of which is the Classic 300.
This is to be a series of Classic Car runs and events across the country
throughout the year. It was to start with a carshow and road run starting in
Windsor Great Park, with a display of 300 classics. The event would be
open to Freemasons and non-masons alike. With that in mind I thought I
would apply for an entry-form and have a day out in Windsor at an unusual
event and super venue, somewhere different for a change.
Initially we thought to travel up and back on the same day, luckily
common sense prevailed and we booked a Premier Inn within 20 minutes
of the park. That way we would make a weekend of the whole event and
not be shattered on the Monday after having travelled home again.
Unlike Singleton, the day dawned nice and sunny and got hotter as the day
wore on. Sensibly (not), we had left our hats and sunglasses at home,
sunburn beckoned, and so our yellow car had red occupants.
As we arrived and were ushered into position and were soon surrounded by
some very nicely turned out vehicles that were definitely driven a lot. No
trailer queens here, that was certain. The carshow was to be an all-day
event, with those vehicles entered on the road run leaving the park at 2pm
and returning on completion of the route. The cars would be flagged away
by His Royal Highness the Duke of Kent who was attending later at lunch
time. Having royalty waving at us would be novel event!
This timetable gave us the chance to have a good look at the assembled
classics and a wander around the trade stalls. It also gave us both a chance
to join in a charity walk along the Royal Mile. The aim was to get enough
people to register and walk the mile, to register the target of 300 miles
during the day. What they left out was, that by walking up to the
monument, one mile, you were actually walking two miles in total!!
Needless to say your scribe didnít make it, although Sally gave it a good
go and got her certificate on her return for her efforts. I kept a tree
company while the other half upheld the family honour. It was a very
friendly tree!

An immaculate but well used Austin 7. A well-travelled Ford engined Morgan
As you know, I canít resist a good mascot. Better than the view at Singleton!
A rare Citroen DS Decapotable. HRH gets the start procedure explained.

Sally and I started off on the road run in the afternoon but instead of

returning to our parking spot at the finish, we set off on the return to
Swansea. A good day out at an unusual classic event. I must keep an eye
out for any further events nearer to home; there were some lovely cars to
look at and maybe there might be some different ones in Wales.