Established 1976


As has become the norm for our club, the annual Christmas party always
takes place on the January club night. For some reason it appeals to most
members because we always have a good turnout on the night, and this
year was no exception with nearly eighty members and friends filling the
main bar of the rugby club.
A big difference this year, was the surprise shown on the face of the
steward when Patrick told him we were here for the Christmas party, he
went quite pale. He thought this was a normal club night and had made
sandwiches as usual. Many quick phone calls were made to drum up extra
staff and plans sorted to cater for the buffet that had not been ordered.
Sausage and chips would have to be the fall-back default at such short
notice, but it was too late to achieve much else. This was despite the fact
that we had booked for the main bar and a full buffet some time back and
reminded them about it the week before.
So the decision was made to only charge for the cost of the proposed
sausage and chips and have a low key evening instead. The best laid plans
of mice etc. etc. Things swung into action to rescue the evening with more
staff and the kitchen sorted out but, low and behold, the proper caterer
turned up with the full buffet just as we were getting ready for the food to
be prepared by the rugby club members. Move to plan C and act as if
nothing had happened. The Dunvant secretary had remembered to make
the booking with the caterer but hadnít remembered to let any of his people
know! We know how to have fun donít we??!! Tranquillity returned to
those who had panicked earlier and we settled down for an easier evening.
With our regular ticket master, Bill Radford, still in captivity in Morriston
Hospital, the raffle tickets were ably purveyed by our youth team and a
goodly load of tickets were sold by them in a short time, before the masses
descended on the buffet laid out in the pool room. An orderly queue soon
became a disorderly one as the more hungry individuals voiced concerns
about the lack of pace of those in the front of the column. However, all was
peace and harmony as soon as the plates were full of goodies and they
returned to their tables looking forward to their meal.
It is amazing how quiet a room full of people can be when food is in front
of them. The food not only looked good but it tasted good as well. All is
well that ends well, as they say.
Suitably fed and watered, it was time to bring out the raffle tickets
purchased earlier, in anticipation of a goody or two. There were so many
prizes to get through; we decided to deliver each prize to the successful
ticket holder.

Why are they taking so long??  Waiting patiently for their turn.
Another ticket emerges from the bag Who was the lucky winner?

The raffle prizes were ably handled by Patrick with Neil delivering the
goodies to the winning ticket holder, whether they wanted the prize or not!
A bad start to the evening but it turned out alright in the end and a good
time was had by all our members and friends who had made the effort to
turn out on a wintery night. Thank you to everyone who donated a raffle
prize and a big thank you to all our helpers and ticket sellers.