Established 1976


Members gather for the first event of the year on a sunny January morning.
Hopefully the sunny days will continue to be part of the club’s outings for the
rest of the year.

The first event of the year took place on the 2nd January at the Homestore
premises of Patrick and Jeanette in Gorseinon. Unnervingly the weather
was bright and sunny as we left home for the start. After the abysmal
weather we had endured for so long up until that point, it felt as if we
were a bit exposed under the glare of the sun. Funny how you forget so
quickly what a sunny day is.
Patrick and Jeanette had kindly offered the use of the shop and carpark
for our start point, and were good enough to provide a good selection of
nibbles to go with the tea and coffee on offer to all the members. The
assembled cars on display, added a nice surprise for any visiting
customers to the shop. This year, we had a bigger entry than in previous
runs which meant that the carpark and shop were pretty full. Passers-by
must have thought that they were missing out on free furniture with the
carpark so full.
The term Brass Monkey may seem a touch incorrect in many ways with
the weather being warmer and damper these days. That is unless you
happen to be Ryan Ratcliffe. Ryan turned up in his Morgan threewheeler,
which like its predecessors, does not come with a heater. So in
his case, perhaps the original name for the run is still applicable after all.
True open motoring, no heater! What time are we eating?
Having been fed and watered by our hosts, it was time to get the show on
the road and off to our lunch appointment at this year’s venue, the King
Arthur Hotel in Reynoldston.
The choice of venue must have been a popular one this year, as the
number of diners was a heady 55 people in all.

The route was a shortened version of the one used on our last visit to the
King Arthur and kept mainly to main roads. Just enough for an enjoyable
run out in the car and without narrow lanes for those who are not keen on
When we booked the hotel, we were given the use of the restaurant
which normally seats 40 people. We sweet talked our way into increasing
the number to 50 but were told that that would be it. No more!
In typical SHVR manner, we turned up with 55! What could be done for
those who had not booked? Not a problem sir, give us a bit of time to sort
it out. What a nice change in this ‘can’t be done’ environment we
normally encounter. Despite making life difficult for themselves in
getting to and from their kitchen with the extra table and added chairs on
other tables, none of the staff complained or had a surly attitude with us.

No room at the Inn, as they say!                          SHVR as far as the eye could see.

After a very enjoyable lunch, members left for their journeys home.
None with as long a journey home as John and Anita who had driven
down early morning and were driving straight back from Reynoldston.
Thank you both for the time taken to join us for the day. It was nice to
see you again.
Thank you to all those members who supported the run and made it such
a good day out and credit to the staff of the King Arthur for
accommodating us and our extras without complaint.