Established 1976

The Bluestone Run 2018

We had arranged to meet up with Keith and Celia and Mike and Christine
at the Tesco Fforestfach petrol station. The weather was dry and bright and
all three cars had their tops neatly folded away. We were going to have a
topless drive to the start point at Gelliswick Bay and with luck a sunny day
all the way around the route and the way home at the end of the day. It
wasn’t asking too much was it?
We had set a reasonable pace on the way down because the event draws a
big entry and the cars line up along the narrow road alongside the seawall.
If you get there late you end up with your car left at the top of the hill and a
long walk to sign on and an uphill trek back to your car. The entry fee is
actually a donation to the British Heart Foundation and has raised
thousands of pounds during the events held every June.
As soon as the run started, our first objective was to find a suitable
establishment with refreshments and toilet facilities. The loos at the start
being closed due to vandalism. Our comfort and refreshment stop meant
that we were now the tail-end Charlie’s of the run. This would be an issue
later on.
The lunch halt was at the Shire horse centre, where we sat in the sun and
enjoyed our picnic having arrived last. We were still eating when the other
cars all upped and left. I didn’t think we smelt that bad!


Lovely, a lunch and natter in the sun


Lunch over we set off on the remainder of the run and the finish at
Narberth. During our route we ran into the edge of a shower which, due to
our late start, was a light version of what had met the earlier cars. That will
teach them to leave us on our own at lunch-time! We arrived at the finish
just in time to see most of the cars leaving for home. C’est la vie!