Established 1976


I have read about this event but had never got around to actually going.
There was always a good reason at the time but it was more than likely a
lack of will to get up and make the arrangements. Patrick and Jeff
however, did make the effort and thoroughly enjoyed it, so when the
suggestion was made to make a visit out of the club’s annual day out, I put
my name down straight away.
Contact with the promoters proved very fruitful with a sustantial discount
for a group booking, unlike the NEC or Goodwood. The tickets were duly
ordered and Patrick set about organising a coach to take all of us and save
driving there and then home again after a day walking around the site. The
point was proved on the way home as the bus fell silent as we all
succumbed to fatigue and dreamt about the cars we had drooled over
Despite an early start time, the bus quickly filled with eager travelers.
Perhaps it was a summers morning for a change instead of the previous
winter trips we had layed on.
Following on from our comfort break at the Delamere services, we arrived
about 10.30. It was really nice to sit back while the driver had to put up
with the slow moving traffic, all trying to get there before everyone else.
Arrive in style and comfort and not have to worry about where to park or
the drive home at the end of the day.
Surprisingly the uptake of tickets was initially quite slow and bookings for
the trip involved a fair bit of reminding every club night. I suspect that if
we were to do the same trip next year, the uptake will be a lot quicker
based on the number of members who really enjoyed the day out. Another
plus point over the likes of Goodwood etc. was the fact that the programme
books were given out at the gate free of charge. No £20 extra here Lord
A number of members had brought along their better halves and I must say
that they all enjoyed the day out as much as the husbands did, always a
bonus with these kind of events as you are never sure until you get there,
what the reaction will be. There were a good number of traders and stalls there, enough to cater for
all tastes including the ladies who often get overlooked at some events.

Plenty of sun cream needed today. Cheryl & Russell Crow were on offer.
Simon Taylor’s Stovebolt Special. An ERA warming up the transmission
A replica Fokker Tri-Plane  Our chaps take on the Hun.

There really was a lot to see in one day, cars, bikes, trikes, planes and
tanks. A lot of the flying displays were phenomenal to watch.