Established 1976


16th July 2012

    SHVR’s wind proof kitchen.   



Summer! The time of warm balmy evenings with the smell of bar-b-q’s in the air. Enjoying an evening in the fresh air with some friends and a quiet drink or two. How come every time we try and have a club bar-b-q, we get wind and rain in the forecast?  

Having arranged to meet at the club early to set up the gazebo and kitchen area in the carpark, we were met with a windy and dull evening, not what was wanted. We had to tether the gazebo to some railing panels to hold it down and put up windbreaks to protect the chefs and their cookers. Luckily John and Anita had brought plenty of hot water to make tea and coffee for us to warm up with. I don’t think this year’s weather gods like Barbie’s at all. 

 Despite the iffy weather threatening. We had a good turnout of members for the evening, they must like Adrian and Rob’s cooking!

As it was, the weather broke and we had a short spell of sun for a couple of minutes. Although it was not really warm enough to sit outside, a few hardy souls stayed in and around the gazebo for a large part of the evening.

 As always, Eryl and Sally provided a good spread in the main bar with enough choices to cater for all tastes. Despite the poor temperature, a good time was had by all. Thanks to the chefs for their efforts all through the evening, despite the abuse the food was hot and delicious. Same again next year please!

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