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A new year and a new venue for our annual Autojumble. No longer could we use the old bus garage. Good old Swansea City & County had condemned the building and closed it. Oh for a bit of maintenance in the past. It would not have taken much more than cleaning the roof gutters and removing the Ivy to keep the water out and the electrics dry. A pity. It was a good venue for our purpose.

After some searching and phone calls, Keith managed to find a place within the old Enterprise House. Currently used as a charity sale room.

The current occupants of which were quite happy for us to use the facility, but as it turned out, they were unaware of just what an Autojumble involved.

Sunday morning dawned surprisingly wind and rain free, nothing like the previous evening’s forecast of high wind speeds and heavy rain. A good start or so I thought. Unfortunately the key holder lived in Brynamman and was delayed by traffic on the way in. This meant that the stall holders were all lined up in the carpark with nowhere to go. Not so good.

As soon as the large roller door opened, the traders rushed in. Unfortunately the building was not as clear as it was supposed to be. This resulted in a free for all, much to the detriment of some traders who were at the back of the queue. Eventually things were sorted out using both sides of the property and the remaining traders got ready for business. The Swansea Bus Museum agreed to run a shuttle service between their unit and Enterprise House and a good number of people took advantage of the service.

In spite of a bad start to the day, the number of visitors was way up on the numbers at last year’s event and from the number of people walking out with bits and pieces in their arms, the traders were doing well after all. Some customers were even taking goodies out to their car and coming back in for another look. One advantage this venue had over the Bus Garage was adequate parking. A bonus over the yellow lined section of Swansea previously in use. The influx of potential buyers was steady all morning despite a lack of advertising boards in and around the town as in previous years. Last year the council took most of our boards down

and disposed of them rather rapidly. Although, you can buy them back from the council at a huge cost, needless to say, ours were recycled!

The crowds kept on coming. Now then, where’s my list.

Lynn Thomas is ready for action. Gloria keeps an eye on the layout.

Despite a poor start to the day, those traders who had stayed on, reported a good day’s sales and were generally ok with the way that the day had turned out and with the numbers of the visiting public. The boss of the charity, who rent the building, admitted that they had been rather surprised by needs of the autojumblers room-wise and with the large numbers of the public who came through the door during day.

Next year if the venue is still in use, a number of issues suffered this year, will be obviated with the hindsight now available to all those involved with the venue and the organisers from the club.

Many thanks to Keith for his efforts in finding a usable venue and organising the entries to make the day a success.





Autojumble 23rd February 2014


We are planning to hold an Autojumble


Enterprise House,

6 Castell Close, Off Pheonix Way, Llansamlet, Swansea, SA7 9FH


Venue Courtesy of Amman Valley Railway Society

This is a new large, dry venue with excellent facilities as we have lost the Old Bus Garage previously used.


To add to the attraction The Bus Museum will be running a vintage bus between here and their Museum Open Day


Each pitch is approx 5m x 3.5m and the cost is £15 per pitch.

If you would like a stall, or more than one, please complete the form below & return it with an S.A.E.

To: Keith Turner, 115 Newton Road, Newton, Swansea, SA3 4 SW

Before 8th February.


Please make cheques payable to SHVR.

When we have received your cheque we will send you details of your pitch number(s) and detailed times of the event.


Any queries to Keith Turner 01792 363830


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