Established 1976


What makes grown men get up at an ungodly hour in winter, to put up
signs that guide other poor souls to a drafty old building on the Jersey
Marine, where they are met by other insomniac club members who guide
them to a spot inside the said drafty building, where they carefully place all
of their old unwanted parts and automobilia onto rickety old tables whilst
most sane people are still asleep in a warm bed? It’s called an autojumble
and we hold one every year in February at the Bus Museum on Fabian
Way. We had a bit less space to play with this time. A number of the buses
refusing to co-operate and steadfastly refusing to start, not wanting to stay
outside in the damp. Would we be able to fit all the traders in? Would they
all turn up? As it happens the answer to both questions was definitely a
yes! All we wanted now was for a decent number of shoppers to turn up.
Things had changed quite a bit since the last autojumble. There was a new
business in the adjacent building and unbeknown to us, they had earmarked
all of the parking spots out the front of the building for the large numbers
of their customers to use. They also had a small café in their foyer. This
would be a problem later on when the trampoline people opened up and
saw Andrea Studt and daughters busy serving people from their catering
trailer. The irate very irate café owner came hurrying over and told the
girls to stop doing what they doing straightaway and to leave the carpark.
Apparently it was quite a shouting match at the time, but as always, I
missed all the fun sitting in the small hallway issuing the entry tickets.
After a slow start, we were soon having people queuing up to get in and
spend their money. The traders must have done very well, looking at all the
bits and pieces being taken out to various cars in the now, rather full
carpark. Having promised not to come home with anything, I did give in
and bought a book but it was one I didn’t have, honest!