Established 1976


Our August club night fell on the same week as Swansea Historic Vehicle

Register was formed some forty years previously, so our summer bar-b-q
had a bit more to celebrate this year.
The catering team at Dunvant RFC must be good judging by the number of
hungry members who turned up for the evening. The weather was
surprisingly pleasant as well, encouraging a number to eat al fresco in the
warmth of the evening, just as well the club has a number of good picnic
tables to choose from.

A rare sight this year – eating outside.

 Warm enough to stay out late!

A good crowd on the inside as well.

 A Crimewatch wanted poster?

As the evening progressed the lounge bar got quite full as diners retreated
from the darkness outside, although a number found it warm enough to
stay fixed and enjoy the pleasant night.

The variety of food was well received by the hungry horde who applied
themselves with vigour to demolishing the dishes on offer, although some
did restrain themselves to leave room for the deserts.
Unbeknown to the members, a 40th birthday cake had been made especially
for clubnight and luckily we had a trio of members from the early days of
the club with us for the evening, which enabled us to have a ceremonial
cutting of the cake before it was shared out amongst the watching

Happy 40th Birthday SHVR!

Lynn has the honour of cutting the cake

All in all it was a good night for the club with a good number of classics
brought out for the night, a good crowd to share the food with and have a
natter and good food courtesy of the team at the rugby club.
There are not that many multi-marque clubs that have held together as long
or as intact as Swansea Historic Vehicle Register has done. It speaks
volumes for the membership, all genuine enthusiasts that they have stuck
together through the years without the turmoil suffered by many other
clubs. There have been spats on the way, but we all have the love of old
vehicles in common and good friends to catch up with on club nights and
at the various events we each attend during the year.
‘Classic vehicles’ are officially good for you. They can’t stop you growing
older, but they certainly do stop you from growing up!! At least that is
what my wife thinks!